Global Food Producer Realizes Reduction in Product Loss with Standardized RCA Framework


ROI of RCA project investment


Single case improvements


One of the world’s leading dairy companies wanted to improve its reduction failure rate and consequently its product loss and cost. This was realized with the implementation of a standardized worldwide Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process.

This multinational food manufacturer employs over 20,000 people with production locations in more than thirty countries and sells products in over a hundred countries. With its strategy of supply chain control and creating maximum value, the company focuses on global growth.

“In an Asset Improvement Program, Root Cause thinking and thorough RCA studies are indispensable bricks to build the house of Asset Performance. However, the bricks can only become a house by having people build it. So, never forget how influential your maintenance team is in realizing results in APM.”

Siebrand Weening, MaxGrip Expert

Challenge: Better Production Quality

In the Food and Beverage industry, creating maximum value out of products can only be done by securing the highest product quality and therefore the highest production standards. Every asset in the production lines should perform well to prevent quality issues and therefore product losses. Although the company’s product quality standards were already high, as usual in this industry, the company asked MaxGrip to look for potential to improve the performance of production assets.

Approach: Standardized RCA Process

Root Cause Analysis is a tried and tested method to unveil the underlying causes of equipment failure. As even the smallest machine part can have big consequences in terms of reliability and availability, RCA is the obvious starting point in the search for technical and non-technical root causes that could affect safety, quality, costs and production performance.

MaxGrip deployed a tailored RCA approach that included a standardized reporting as part of the ‘license to operate’. “It all starts with investigating the impact of the event”, says our MaxGrip consultant. “The impact of quality issues for a production plant can be enormous and at times devastating, especially in nutrition manufacturing. At the same time, one of the biggest challenges we encounter, is unfinished RCA studies. A dedicated team, following a strict RCA regime until the end, managed by a facilitator that is not involved in the operations of the troubled assets, is needed to prevent recurrence of the issue.”

The standardization of RCA Studies for this company included:

  • Setting up, performing and facilitating RCA studies;
  • Report outs including KPIS and clearly scoped improvement potential;
  • Deployed improvement with proven results;
  • (re)training operators and technicians laying the foundations for culture change;
  • Introduction of maintenance teams with people from all disciplines and departments to embrace the standardized RCA procedure;
  • Safeguarding and deployment of global standardization through the Global Solution Set and establishing procedures in the EAM system.

Results: Proven ROI

With the standardized RCA process implemented, each breakdown and significant asset malfunction now results in recorded causes that trigger an improvement action. In this way, the company is set up to continuously improve asset performance, production output and product waste prevention.

  • €10K-900K single case improvements: root causes found and solved
  • 20x ROI of RCA project investment
  • Improved way of working and culture because of connected multi-disciplinary teams

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