Ageing infrastructure, new technologies, commitments to sustainability, regulatory and performance requirements are forcing the infrastructure and transportation sector to re-engineer its approach to Asset Performance Management (APM). Maximizing the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) of these assets can be a challenge while also keeping the budget in check. Companies will have to find ways to extend the asset lifetime or retire assets and design, plan and build replacements. This means planning ahead and ensuring that assets will stay maintainable and operable within the performance boundaries and their life cycle s to come. To meet the requirements of all stakeholders, organizations in the infra- and transportation sector need to be able to find the right balance between risk, performance and costs while maintaining the existing infrastructure and investing in new initiatives to become and stay resilient tomorrow and in the future.

How we help

From insights to control

  • Improved management of risk: in partnership with our clients we develop, deploy and improve structured risk management and maintenance strategies for reliable assets and increased cost optimization opportunities. This can include RAMS studies, FMECA, Reliability-Centered Maintenance, Root Cause Analysis, Risk-Based Maintenance.

  • Facilitate decision support to companies managing critical infrastructure. We help our clients to deploy strategies which deliver the highest business value through for example Asset Lifetime Extension studies and plans and Asset Lifecycle Costing.

  • Change management: boost organizational learning and interdisciplinary collaboration through our pragmatic project approach

  • Data management: from cleansing data, enriching data to connecting IT and OT systems and data to full insights in asset performance through interdisciplinary shared asset data dashboards for joint decision making.

  • Industry 4.0 solutions like connected assets, connected worker, APM 4.0 & EAM deployment: solution selection, process design, configuration and deployment, reporting and company-wide dashboards for insights and control.

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APM Challenges for Infrastructure and Transportation

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Boost your bottom line with optimized asset performance management.

Improve Asset Reliability

Identify improvement opportunities and maximize the reliability and availability of your assets.

Boost Asset Performance

Follow a stepped approach to get results and improve performance.

Demonstrate Compliance

Prove regulatory compliance and safe practices.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Connect your business with Industry 4.0 solutions to secure future asset performance.

Extend Asset Lifetime

Get the most out of assets to perform as long and cost-effective as possible.

Attune APM Data and Systems

Select the right software and get your organization to work with the systems to get better results.

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