The chemical industry has so much overlap with other industries that you could consider its boundaries to be debatable. Petrochemical companies cross paths with the oil & gas sector through the conversion of raw materials into base and specialty chemicals such as ethylene. The agricultural sector intersects in the production of pesticides and fertilizers. The FMCG industry convergences in for instance the production of hygienic agents and pharmaceuticals and manufacturing overlaps considerably through dyes, paints and the likes.

Whichever industry you identify with the most, the top priority for all chemical companies is the same: realize maximum productivity and profit while demonstrating safe practices. Asset management can be a huge contributor to that success.

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

MaxGrip has a great track record in the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries to get lasting improvements in asset performance to drive down the bottom line. Some ways in which we help:

  • Our tailored Asset Improvement Program supports industrial organizations in realizing their business goals by improving asset performance and therewith help in maximizing production output.

  • Accelerate Digital Transformation through scoping and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions.

  • Compliance: fit/gap analysis, blueprinting, system and process improvements.

  • Adoption of change: we pay special attention to the workforce, their buy in for change and permanent motivation to get better results.

  • Risk-based Maintenance and Risk-Based Inspection programs to minimize risk.

  • Optimize uptime, improve interdisciplinary collaboration to drive efficiency and boost sustainability.

  • Creation of shared dashboards with accurate, enriched data to facilitate informed decision making and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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APM Challenges for Chemical Companies

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Maintenance excellence program for Victrex improves sustainability, productivity and reliability

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Solutions for every asset performance management challenge

Asset Improvement Program

Assess your organization, deploy improvements and realize sustainable asset performance

EAM Implementation and Optimization

Have your organization get the most out of your EAM system

Implementation and Adoption of Industry 4.0 Solutions

Take the next steps in Digital Transformation

Asset Integrity & Assurance

Safeguard safety with optimized asset integrity management

Asset Management Training and Coaching

Have your maintenance staff raise the bar of asset management

Maintenance Support

Bring in MaxGrip maintenance experts to get the job done

Demonstrate Compliance

Prove regulatory compliance and safe practices.

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