We are facing an abundance of Industry 4.0 solutions and initiatives. This includes more specifically Industry 4.0 solutions. All of those solutions promise magic, but there is a big gap between what a solution can do versus how an organization can benefit. Most initiatives end with a Proof of Concept. MaxGrip will help you to overcome that barrier because we know how to truly embed a change and help your organization to embrace the new way of working into daily practice, achieving tangible benefits.

Realistic Potential

With regard to digitalization, it is easy to lose yourself in buzzwords, trends and ideas that dominate media and discussions. We at MaxGrip believe in staying true to your own business needs and potential and match your ambitions to realistic action plans that fit your organization. We do this using our Asset Improvement Program. We look at your asset management maturity level and which Industry 4.0 solutions and ways of working will fit your organization. Typical subjects which we address:

  • Your organization’s Industry 4.0 ambitions

  • Oversee and match current Industry 4.0 initiatives within your organization

  • Identify gaps in usage of current systems and data as well as missing systems

  • Assess your organizational readiness

  • Define conditions for success for a scalable deployment of Industry 4.0 solutions

  • If applicable – help to select and deploy additional EAM/APM solutions

  • Set up or improve relevant KPI’s, dashboards and reports to track and demonstrate tangible improvements

  • Apply our change management expertise and approach to empower your organization

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Complementing Technology Partners

MaxGrip does not develop or sell software, but we have a strong history in APM software. This has strengthened our position as an agnostic consultancy firm, offering independent and well-founded advice as to your best choice when selecting software vendors. While our independence is important to us, we do work together with selected technology partners because we believe that we complement each other’s areas of expertise seamlessly. Software companies appreciate MaxGrip consultants for their pragmatic approach, work floor experience and global mindset. Additionally, MaxGrippers make sure to get the job done.

Where software vendors stop at getting the software to work, we ensure that your organization can and will work with the software in their daily business. We always keep long-term goals in mind and work towards a sustainable use that benefit your company objectives.


Condition Based Maintenance for the tram network of the City of Amsterdam

For their Tram division, the City of Amsterdam wanted to gain better insights in the condition of the infrastructure assets through maintenance strategies and digitalization. This enables effective decision-making and results in a future-proof, safe and efficient tram network.

MaxGrip collaborated with them to translate the strategic policy into a future-proof asset management approach and to implement Condition Based Maintenance. This included the implementation of dashboards with real-time insights into asset health and performance.

The implementation of CBM yielded an 20% cost reduction in the first year and generated a high internal adoption rate on all organizational levels.

Change Management: Internal Buy-In

Achieving internal adoption by key stakeholders such as corporate leaders, asset managers and technical staff is an important part of sustainable success. Digitalization requires an enormous change for people, it is therefore essential to offer the right guidance and emphasize what the employee gets out of it. It is not about what your staff should do, but to show them why they should do it and how it contributes to success. MaxGrip has a lot of experience with guiding change programs within multinational organizations. We understand how internal communications (sharing success) can build bridges, how coaching and mentoring will improve employee satisfaction and sustain internal buy in.

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