In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the promise of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation loom large. There is a large suite of 4.0 technology available which promise a future of a digitalized way of working, optimized operations, reduced downtime and heightened productivity. Yet, the journey from concept to reality and lasting results is not an easy one. 

With a rich heritage in domain expertise and realizing change at organizations around the globe, MaxGrip is here to guide you in translating ambitions into lasting results.

We Realize Organizational Change

Digital transformation initiatives usually affect the organization in a big way. So, change management plays an essential role in being successful. We understand that your people are pivotal. MaxGrip’s holistic approach to organizational change is an integral part of our services. The combination of our domain expertise and change management experience are a powerful way to realize transformation, sustain growth and achieve goals.

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MaxGrip’s Expertise

We Are Experienced EAM Deployment Experts

We have a proven track record in implementing and deploying Enterprise Asset Management systems. We understand and have experience in working with different systems such as IBM Maximo, SAP, IFS, IFS Ultimo and Hexagon EAM (formerly Infor). We know how to get the most out the systems including features or add-ons such as Predictive Maintenance and Connected Frontline Worker.

We Are a Respected Technology Partner

MaxGrip have a strong history in APM software. This has strengthened our position as an agnostic consultancy firm. While our independence is important to us, we do work together with selected technology partners because we believe that we complement each other’s areas of expertise seamlessly. Software companies appreciate MaxGrip consultants for their pragmatic approach, work floor experience and global mindset.

We Are Change Makers

Data, processes, roles & responsibilities and the way of working: everything usually changes with digital transformation initiatives. These have big consequences for your entire organization. MaxGrip helps with defining conditions for success, assessing your current situation and creating a pragmatic roadmap for implementation. We can help with setting up or improving KPIs, dashboards and reports to track and demonstrate tangible improvements.

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Integrated Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems have evolved beyond traditional asset tracking and maintenance scheduling to become intelligent hubs of operational excellence. Central to this transformation is the integration of connected frontline workers and predictive maintenance capabilities. With EAM systems, frontline workers are empowered with real-time data access, collaboration tools, and mobile functionalities, ensuring they are always in sync with the system’s insights and can act promptly. Simultaneously, the predictive maintenance feature harnesses the power of advanced analytics and IoT sensors. This allows the system to forecast potential equipment failures or inefficiencies by analyzing patterns, trends, and anomalies in operational data. As a result, maintenance can be scheduled proactively, reducing unplanned downtimes and extending asset lifespan. In essence, EAM systems serve as the nexus where human expertise meets technological foresight, optimizing asset performance and operational efficiency.


Predictive Analytics Improves Asset Reliability and Saves Oil Supermajor Millions of Dollars Per Year

Situation and Approach
MaxGrip was engaged by a global oil supermajor to improve asset reliability in one of the world’s largest refineries. The focus was on the hydrogen generation unit, using Root Cause Analysis and Predictive Analytics.

New real-time condition monitoring tools were deployed, empowering the Operations team to predict and prevent failures.

The initiative led to over $5 million in year-over-year savings, improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and mitigated Health, Safety, and Environmental risks.

Change Management: Internal Buy-In

Achieving internal adoption by key stakeholders such as corporate leaders, asset managers and technical staff is an important part of sustainable success. Digitalization requires an enormous change for people, it is therefore essential to offer the right guidance and emphasize what the employee gets out of it. It is not about what your staff should do, but to show them why they should do it and how it contributes to success. MaxGrip has a lot of experience with guiding change programs within multinational organizations. We understand how internal communications (sharing success) can build bridges, how coaching and mentoring will improve employee satisfaction and sustain internal buy in.

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