TenneT is the Transmission System Operator (TSO) for the Netherlands and a significant part of Germany. MaxGrip was asked to work with the TenneT asset management team to take their risk-based asset management to a higher level and harmonize the way of working across the regions. TenneT’s asset management organization had two main challenges that they wanted to address, the first being a more efficient and effective maintenance approach due to a growing, aging asset base, and the second being to harmonize the Dutch, German, and offshore way of working with a single source of truth.


MaxGrip created an improvement roadmap based on a current-state assessment. Based on that, we deployed the recommendations for all teams on a selected group of asset types. This first stage of the deployment included scoping how asset management is done for all different teams, harmonizing the way forward with a common process and way of working, criticality ranking of three object types and FMECA workshops facilitated by a MaxGrip consultant. All of this together provided the basis for new, uniform maintenance strategies.

The second deployment stage is under way with a ramp up to eight object types. TenneT is taking the lead with MaxGrippers supporting and coaching TenneT project leads. After the second stage, four more stages will be completed.


So far, the results are:

  • €1,05 million savings year on year for stage 1 components;
  • Deployment of Reliability Centered Maintenance is on track;
  • Collaboration between the Dutch, German, and offshore asset management and GFO organizations has increased.

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