We are proud practice leaders in Asset Performance Management. Our global consultancy enables asset-intensive organizations to improve their bottom line by optimizing asset performance and accelerating digitalization, making the best use of industry 4.0 solutions. Our APM experts work with leaders in industries like Oil & Gas, FMCG, Power Generation & Distribution, Water and Wastewater, Infrastructure and Metals and Mining for almost 25 years.

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The Asset Improvement Program

MaxGrip’s Asset Improvement Program is all about making optimum connections between data, technology, your people and the business logic. We provide you with invaluable insights that puts you in the driver’s seat to determine actions and drive lasting success. The proven method consists of a phased approach that starts with a bespoke business case, high-level roadmap, setting priorities and the overall schedule.

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Because we are practice leaders, we apply our experience and expertise through industry best practices and getting the most out of APM systems. After the initial phase, we continue with a practical, hands-on deployment to achieve the results. Making better use of systems, data and people is a natural part of this (digital) transformation. The same goes for our focus on commitment and trust in the organization. Our clients then can scale up to (multi-)site level and sustain the program. MaxGrip provides insights and control; defines and tracks KPIs to demonstrate improvements along the way. We get the job done.

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Rooted in maintenance

MaxGrip was founded in the Netherlands in 1997. We started out with a focus on maintenance and reliability services which we expanded in 2000 to asset management. This included specialized Asset Performance Management software. Our global presence grew quickly with offices opening in Houston (USA) and Singapore in 2012, in Malaysia in 2013, in Taiwan and Australia in 2017 and Germany in 2018. In 2019, we received the ultimate recognition for our software when AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, acquired MaxGrip’s software assets (Optimizer+, strEAM+ and APMSmartApps) after having started as a reseller of our software (initially through Schneider Electric Software).

The consultancy services division of MaxGrip also developed significantly throughout the years, spanning across the whole suite of asset management and partnering with Maintenance, Operations and IT at asset-intensive companies. After selling our software, MaxGrip reinforced its position as an independent APM consultancy firm helping clients by, among other things, engaging Industry 4.0 solutions for lasting asset performance success.

MaxGrip is ISO 9001 and VCA certified.

We preach what we practice and practice what we preach

Where other companies aspire to be thought leaders, we pride ourselves on going beyond that; we are established practice leaders. We do not provide lengthy reports but cannot wait to help you to get the job done. From gathering insights, building a business case and practical deployment plan and working side by side with our clients’ workforces: we do it all.

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Experienced leaders

Our leadership team consists of skilled managers who know and understand your industry and business practice. They accelerate innovative thinking and promote pragmatic entrepreneurship among our coworkers.

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Powerful Partnerships

You can rely on our partners to offer top of the line industry 4.0 software solutions. MaxGrip ensures that you get the most out of the software through insights into your performance and a seamless connection between the assets, data, processes, technology and your workforce. Combined, we offer powerful partnerships that set you up for future-proof asset performance management.