The labor market is increasingly competitive and an ageing workforce only exacerbates the challenge of finding skilled staff. In situations like these, resource augmentation could be your solution. Whether you need to temporarily hire staff to fill the gaps or wish to scale up your efforts with additional skilled manpower, MaxGrip can offer worldwide support. Our R&ME staffing services provide you with MaxGrippers, who are not only domain experts, but also highly adaptable professionals who can hit the ground running. With their expertise and readiness, you can overcome the current labor market constraints and optimize your operational efficiency.

25 Years of Maintenance and Reliability Expertise

The roots of our company lie in maintenance and reliability. In more than 25 years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this domain. Moreover, we have a global track record in integrity management, compliance and keeping plants safe. We can help with resource augmentation for roles at all levels, think of: asset managers, planners and schedulers, asset integrity engineers, maintenance & reliability engineers and team leads maintenance.

Support on Improvement Projects

If you are starting or in the middle of an asset performance or maintenance improvement project, your people are key to realizing the goals. Being short on knowledgeable staff who know how to take the your maturity growth to the next level can drive a wedge in your plans. MaxGrip consultants are skilled and experienced in change management. MaxGrip’s own holistic approach to organizational change is an integral part of our services. The combination of our domain expertise and change management experience are a powerful way to realize transformation, sustain growth and achieve goals.

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“There’s a lot of great technology out there, but where we see companies really struggling is with how to adopt that new technology. This is where MaxGrip has years of expertise. […] That’s where the value is.”

Bob Francis, LNS Research

How We Help

  • Setting up and executing reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) strategies as part of your team

  • Setting up and executing Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM) and Risk-Based-Inspection (RBI) strategies

  • Development and optimization of preventive maintenance optimization

  • Implementation and training in Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

  • Facilitating and creating maintenance plans

  • Data cleansing and enrichment

  • Improvement and execution of planning

  • Spare parts management

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Maintenance and Asset Integrity Build

  • Industry 4.0 / Digital Transformation studies, strategies and execution

What our consultants say

Marcel Nagelhout & Erwin de Witt

Erwin and Marcel, two MaxGrip consultants, support a large water authority in The Netherlands. Erwin explains about the project: “The approach for clustered maintenance arose from a joint brainstorming session with the client on how we could renew their maintenance organization to make it future-proof. The initiative is part of a wide renewal process within the water organization. Clustered maintenance involves collaboration in multidisciplinary teams that work flexibly across locations.”

Marcel adds: “We offer a flexible shell. In key roles where the customer does not yet have the people or competencies we temporarily place one of our own colleagues next to their people. In this way, they can quickly grow in knowledge and expertise. We monitor the baseline with an implementation plan which sets a dot on the horizon and contains realistic goals.”

Erwin de Witt and Marcel Nagelhout, MaxGrip Consultants

Temporary Staff

The labor market is tight and due to an ageing workforce it keeps getting harder to find skilled staff. So, if you need to temporarily hire staff to fill the gaps or want to scale up efforts and need more skilled manpower: MaxGrip can support around the globe and is able to hit the ground running. Many of our consultants have multiple experience as a maintenance technician, engineer or maintenance manager.

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