Many assets that are used worldwide are old and aging. More than half of Oil and Gas workers, for instance, work on installations of twenty years or older. So, managing the aging of assets by carrying out effective Asset Integrity Management is vital for organizations to stay safe and compliant. Inspection managers and asset integrity professionals are further put under pression by the trend of budgets being tightened. So, it is a balancing act of maintaining installations throughout their asset life cycle, extending their life time while keeping cost at a minimum and without introducing non-compliances. MaxGrip has an extensive track record in safeguarding compliance and therewith the reputation of asset intensive organizations. Our services in Asset Integrity Management tap in at any stage of the asset life cycle.

Integrity Validation for Greenfield Sites

With new production locations it is important to have an asset integrity plan in place before production starts. Whereas the assets are brand-new and therefore in peak condition, it is vital to start managing and maintaining the installations in the best way from the start to ensure maximum asset lifetime and minimum breakdown cost.

MaxGrip offers Asset Integrity Management validation services and associated Asset Lifetime Extension studies (ALE) as a part of asset lifecycle management. Typical activities that we offer are:

  • Definition and formalization of Integrity Management scope and objectives

  • Match between company objectives and statutory requirements (compliance)

  • Assessment of current and desired state (fit/gap analysis)

These actions are usually followed by more specific steps, including but not limited to:

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  • Data collection and connection between systems

  • Asset hierarchy and register development

  • Setup of corrosion assessment (CUI, CUPS)

  • Risk assessment (qualitative and quantitative)

  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) strategy and planning

  • Written scheme of examination/ inspection

  • Setup of anomaly and conditions assessment

  • Development and implementation of procedures and guidelines

  • Setup of integrity review

  • Performance management – KPIs


Offshore facility extends asset life with 15 years

A global Oil & Gas company asked MaxGrip’s experts to help with performing the asset lifetime extension assessment of a number of their Asian offshore sites. This was done to safeguard uninterrupted high asset performance as well as to demonstrate compliance to the regulatory bodies.

MaxGrip’s holistic integrated approach included: data collection, review and verification, a hazards and critical barriers gap analysis, condition and risk analysis, ALE assessment, Cost-Benefit Analysis and asset life extension program.

We were able to demonstrate that the Oil & Gas operator can extend the asset life of their offshore sites with another fifteen years. In addition, we realized 10% cost savings by minimizing unplanned shutdowns and reducing the time to repair, to maintain and to inspect.

Operational Improvements for Brownfield Locations

MaxGrippers have proven to be able to decrease overall inspection costs (OPEX and CAPEX) and at the same time improving asset reliability, integrity and availability. All without compromising compliance, in fact, often improving the clients’ ability to manage and demonstrate compliance. We have performed numerous Asset Lifetime Extension projects resulting in stretching asset lifetimes significantly. This matches perfectly with the services offered by the MaxGrip’s asset integrity experts on End of Life scenarios. We assist in creating and implementing the most effective and efficient cease of production strategy. These can include activities such as:

  • Cost-benefit analysis / scenario planning (what/if)

  • Use of 3D models for scenario development

  • Inspection strategy and planning alignment

  • Situation and gap analysis

  • Asset database review

  • Integrity and health check review

  • Condition assessment

  • Development of asset life extension programs

  • Integrity / RBI re-assessment

  • Integrity management alignment to ISO 55001 recommended practice

  • Turnaround, shutdown, deferment, extension of inspection intervals

Integrity management software selection and support

MaxGrip is an independent consultancy firm with a history of software development, implementation and use. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in getting the most out of software solutions to benefit your business objectives. This is partly because we used to own our own APM software including RBI modules (which was sold to AVEVA) and partly because MaxGrip consultants work with a wide variety of APM (RBI / RBM) software solutions at our clients. Therefore, we are well-equipped to assist in selecting, implementing and improving the use of integrity management software.

This is how we can help with software selection:

  • Install and lead project organization

  • Define long list Vendors-Tools

  • Draft knock-out criteria, describe requirements and create short list

  • Send out Request for Information

  • Determine weighting factors, demonstrations and manage Request for Proposal

  • Final decision with project organization

These are our software implementation services:

  • Onboarding: mapping scope and impact, getting commitment

  • Preparation: prepare the organization, assign roles, check and repair data (if needed), train the trainer

  • Implementation: train users, setup plans and migrate data to the new system

  • Go live and hyper care: coach users, full handover

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