Many assets that are used worldwide are old and aging. More than half of Oil and Gas workers, for instance, work on installations of twenty years or older. So, managing the ageing of assets by carrying out effective Asset Integrity Management is vital for organizations to stay safe and compliant. Inspection managers and asset integrity professionals are further put under pression by the trend of budgets being tightened. So, it is a balancing act of maintaining installations throughout their asset life cycle, extending their life time while keeping cost at a minimum and without introducing non-compliances. MaxGrip has an extensive track record in safeguarding compliance and therewith the reputation of asset intensive organizations.

Full Asset Lifecycle Integrity Management Services for All Disciplines

MaxGrip consultants carry out full asset lifecycle integrity management services for all disciplines. For many clients this results in improved asset reliability, integrity and availability and a significant reduction of OPEX. Our Asset Lifetime Extension (ALE) approach results in a realistic ALE deployment program and cost reduction through an extension of assets beyond their original design lifetime. Additionally, MaxGrip consultants provide bespoke asset integrity data dashboards to facilitate better decision-making. This has proven to be beneficial for planning optimization, ALE management and continuous improvement for asset performance.

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How We Help with Asset Integrity & Assurance

We are 100% compliant to industry practice and local regulatory requirements. Our MaxGrip integrity management experts have knowledge of and experience in all disciplines, including static, piping, cranes, vessels, pipelines and structures. What MaxGrip offers in the area of asset integrity and assurance can be roughly divided into three groups: support (staffing), consulting and the MaxGrip Asset Improvement Program.

Asset Integrity Support

MaxGrip experts have the competencies and the expertise to get the job done. They can support and fulfil roles in your integrity or inspection team and are quickly up and running to add value to produce output. You can think of corrosion engineers, RBI analysts, data integration consultants, material experts, strategy consultants, (session and workshop) facilitators, planners and schedulers and project managers.

Asset Integrity Support
Risk Based Inspection Consulting

Risk Based Inspection Consulting

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is well-known and widely used in various industries to improve the operating expenditure cost (OPEX) and at the same time provide flexibilities for asset owners in optimizing long-term inspection planning and corrective maintenance programs.

MaxGrip helps clients to achieve these objectives by providing cradle to grave RBI consultancy services in terms of asset register data review and screening, Probability of Failure (PoF) & Consequence of Failure (CoF) assessments, risk analysis assessments & ranking, updating inspection plans with findings.

Our expertise in RBI encompasses a broad set of assets. Our proficiency in the domain of pipelines is comprehensive, including both surface and subsea pipelines, along with essential elements such as risers, supports, and spools. Static equipment forms another key facet of our capabilities. We provide coverage for a wide array of static assets, from pressure relief devices, tanks, and heat exchangers to piping and pressure vessels. Our asset coverage also extends to various types of structures. We have extensive experience handling RBI for both underwater and topside structures. In essence, our robust and expansive asset coverage ensures that we deliver value-driven, risk-based inspection services tailored to a diverse portfolio of assets.

Asset Lifetime Extension Consulting

Our Asset Lifetime Extension (ALE) approach delivers a realistic deployment program, which is justified by an underlying business case and will extend operations beyond the assets’ original design life. We can provide asset life extension assessments, identify risks associated with the remaining life of the asset, formulate the recommendations to safeguard the reliability & integrity for the intended extended life and also create a monitoring program which includes the clarification of associated cost.

Asset Lifetime Extension Consulting

Asset Data Management and Dashboards

MaxGrip consultants can provide transparent risk & condition monitoring through bespoke KPIs and dashboards. These customized asset integrity management dashboards give an overview of the current status and will give recommendations and cost estimations for different scenarios.

  • Asset Integrity Scorecard: Integrated Data & Information used for continuous monitoring of integrity performance of the asset
  • ALE: Provide powerful insights to ensure the reliability and integrity of assets through life extension strategy and planning
  • RBI: Reduce inspection cost thanks to a flexible, risk-based inspection approach

10% Cost Saving and Continuous Improvement in Asset Integrity for Multiple Offshore Platforms in Asia

A global oil company that carries out activities across many countries worldwide asked MaxGrip to partner up with them regarding the asset integrity management system of their Asian offshore platforms. The company produces oil and gas, downstream and upstream. MaxGrip’s asset integrity team were closely working with the company to provide support and consultancy across disciplines. This includes Risk Based Inspection (RBI) assessments, inspection management and planning, Fitness for service (FFS) assessments as well as Asset Life Extension (ALE) studies.

The longer-term partnership of MaxGrip and this oil company resulted in some great benefits, including:

  • Integrated and improved asset integrity insights and control over data through data dashboards, incl. recommendations, cost estimations and long-term action planning;
  • Total estimated cost savings of more than 10%, due to the optimization of inspection planning and the risk-based re-assessment activities.

Asset Improvement Program

MaxGrip’s Asset Improvement Program is not set up to find the faults in your organization, instead it focuses on singling out the areas which have the potential to improve and add value to your bottom line. The first stage is an assessment which scopes the asset management potential, including building a roadmap for deployment together with you. Find out more about the Asset Improvement Program on this page.

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