A global oil company that carries out activities across many countries worldwide asked MaxGrip to partner up with them regarding the asset integrity management of their Asian offshore platforms. The company produces oil and gas, downstream and upstream. MaxGrip’s versatile asset integrity team (engineers and specialists) were closely working with the company to provide support and consultancy across multiple disciplines (static/ piping, structures and pipelines). This includes a variety of projects pertaining to asset data management and updates, Risk Based Inspection (RBI) assessments, inspection management and planning, Fitness for service (FFS) assessments and as well as Asset Life Extension (ALE) studies.


A MaxGrip team of engineers and specialists has supported this client with a number of specialized studies and activities in order to ensure asset integrity. An important element of the project was that MaxGrip experts provided data management and dashboarding capabilities resulting in data dashboards that offered management full insights on performance, progress tracking, estimated cost and long-term planning. The main projects that we applied this and our APM and integrity management expertise to, were:

  • Integrity Scorecard for structural assets
  • Asset lifetime extension studies
  • Risk Based Inspection re-assessment and update for Static/Piping, Structural and Subsea Pipelines assets

Details about our approach for these projects can be read in the downloadable long read.


The longer-term partnership of MaxGrip and this oil company resulted in some great benefits:

  • Integrated and improved asset integrity insights and control over data through data dashboards, incl. recommendations, cost estimations and long-term action planning;
  • Total estimated cost savings of more than 10%, due to the optimization of inspection planning and the risk-based re-assessment activities;

More results are mentioned in the downloadable case study.

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