The water and wastewater industry needs to ensure water safety, optimal and reliable water quantity and water quality. Taking also sustainability goals into account, the underlying challenges to reach these goals are widespread and not to be underestimated. Centralized operations have to manage a geographically dispersed asset base while climate change, the energy transition and digitalization ask a high level of flexibility and adaptation of the workforce. This is only the tip of the iceberg with which water and wastewater operations need to deal while meeting targets, realizing efficient and effective asset management, improve performance and transform business to be ready for a safe and sound future.

MaxGrip has a vast track record in the water and wastewater industry. We have helped many asset owners overcome APM obstacles to transform into a future-proof, robust asset management organization.

How we help

Transform for lasting improvements

  • Asset Improvement Program: get a comprehensive fit/gap analysis, customized roadmap and business case to reach asset performance targets and realize digital transformations ambitions. From strategizing, small-scale implementation to full-scale deployment and proven success.

  • Risk management: create, deploy and optimize controlled risk management together with our client. In addition, we develop maintenance strategies ensuring asset reliability and improved cost optimization. This can include: RAMS studies, FMECA studies, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Root Cause Analysis and Risk Based Maintenance.

  • Data management: from data cleansing and data enrichment to connecting systems and data (IT and OT) to full insights in asset health through interdepartmental asset data dashboards which stimulate informed decision making.

  • Industry 4.0 solutions in the area of the connected asset, connected worker, APM 4.0 & EAM implementations: solution and vendor selection, functional design, system and process configuration and full deployments. Prioritizing reporting results and company-wide dashboards to gather insights and stay in control.

  • Management of change: enable organizational learning, knowledge transfer, training, coaching, interim staff to work side-by-side with the workforce

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APM Challenges for Water and Wastewater

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Solutions for every asset management challenge

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Boost your bottom line with optimized asset performance management.

Improve Asset Reliability

Identify improvement opportunities and maximize the reliability and availability of your assets.

Boost Asset Performance

Follow a stepped approach to get results and improve performance.

Demonstrate Compliance

Prove regulatory compliance and safe practices.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Connect your business with Industry 4.0 solutions to secure future asset performance.

Extend Asset Lifetime

Get the most out of assets to perform as long and cost-effective as possible.

Attune APM Data and Systems

Select the right software and get your organization to work with the systems to get better results.

Other APM challenges

Is your challenge not mentioned? Get in touch with an expert and we will find a solution together.

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