Dunea, a leading water company in the Netherlands, partnered with MaxGrip to optimize their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, IFS Ultimo. With a mission to provide high-quality drinking water to millions, Dunea recognized the need to update and optimize use of their EAM system, IFS Ultimo. MaxGrip was asked to assist in their journey to optimization.

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Ambitions: Standardization and Optimization

Dunea’s primary ambition was to streamline their operations by optimizing the use of their IFS Ultimo system, which had been in use for many years. They aimed to standardize workflows across various departments and integrate different systems to achieve a unified operational approach. Their goal was not only to improve technical implementations but also to foster a culture of continuous improvement and ownership among their frontline teams. By enhancing their EAM system, Dunea sought to ensure the efficient management of their assets.

Approach: Stepped Improvement Journey

Dunea led the optimization of their IFS Ultimo system with a clear vision and strategic goals. They began with a Project Start Architecture (PSA) to align the technical and process aspects with their business objectives. Dunea initiated workshops involving both IT and business stakeholders to gather requirements and set clear goals. A pioneering team, comprising representatives from various disciplines, was formed to create user stories that guided the system’s configuration and testing. This collaborative approach ensured that the system met the practical needs of its users.

A flowchart outlines six steps of a project implementation process, accompanied by two overarching support functions. Steps: Step 1: Project Start Architecture (PSA) - Initiating the project framework. Step 2: Workshops (IT & Business) - Gathering and addressing requirements and demands from both IT and business stakeholders. Step 3: Pioneering Team creates user stories - Developing detailed user scenarios and requirements. Step 4: Setup and testing based on user stories - Configuring and validating the system according to user stories. Step 5: Go Live (170 Users) - Launching the system with 170 users. Step 6: After Care - Providing post-launch support and maintenance. Support Functions: Project Management: Overseeing the project's execution and ensuring adherence to timelines and objectives. Change Management & Communication: Managing organizational changes and ensuring effective communication throughout the project. Each step is represented by a blue rectangle, except Step 5, which is highlighted in yellow to signify the Go Live phase. The support functions are illustrated as grey bars running parallel to the steps.

“I had the pleasure of working with MaxGrip and their expertise was invaluable to our project. They possess an impressive depth of knowledge in our domain and demonstrated exceptional collaboration skills throughout the engagement. They truly know the Ultimo system inside and out and know how to extend that knowledge to getting our people in the driver’s seat.”

Ruud Smits
Product Owner IV Team Dune & Water, Dunea

Ruud Smits - Dunea

MaxGrip supported Dunea throughout this process, providing expert guidance and facilitating key activities. The optimization project included connecting three key systems: IFS Ultimo for asset management, a GIS platform for location data, and a financial system for cost management. These integrations aimed to provide comprehensive insights through a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard. Additionally, the project emphasized change management and communication, ensuring that all users were engaged and informed throughout the process. MaxGrip’s role was to assist in ensuring a seamless transition to the optimized system, supported by constant communication and feedback loops.

This collaborative effort between Dunea and MaxGrip resulted in a seamless transition to the optimized system, with Dunea at the helm, driving the project forward with MaxGrip’s expert support and facilitation.

Benefits: Enhanced Efficiency

The optimization of IFS Ultimo at Dunea resulted in significant improvements. The standardized workflows and clear agreements enhanced efficiency and work satisfaction across the organization and particularly for field technicians using Ultimo Go. The integration of systems enabled better data-driven decision-making, with the BI dashboard offering a holistic view of maintenance activities and costs. The project also included the implementation of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) modules, further improving operational safety and compliance.

Overall, the optimization project led to a more streamlined and efficient asset management process at Dunea. Moving forward, Dunea continues to focus on continuous improvement, leveraging IoT innovations and further system enhancements to maintain their commitment to providing high-quality drinking water to their customers.

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