A MaxGripper creates value for and with clients around the world in industries like Food & Beverage (FMCG), Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy and Utilities. A MaxGripper is flexible and enjoys a hybrid work style. You bridge the gap between the data that power a business, the people who run it, and the technology that connects it all. They can easily connect to and team up with MaxGrip colleagues as our company is big enough to have many domain experts around the world but small enough that lines of communication are short. All MaxGrippers together have a collective drive to realize results.

Asset Improvement Program

Grow your career

The value of our company is in our people. We foster development and growth through education and training. This includes both the development of domain expertise as well as personal skills. Additionally, you learn a lot by teaming up with colleagues but also by working in a multi-cultural, international work environment. You will encounter a lot of opportunities for knowledge sharing for example in our Knowledge & Information sessions which are held regularly and can be led by anyone within the company who wants to share their expertise or experiences. The latest sessions were given on topics such as: change management, connected business & best practices, Industry 4.0 & digital transformation.

How can you describe a typical MaxGripper? MaxGrippers are passionate, ambitious consultants. In this short video, some of our colleagues talk about the DNA of a Typical MaxGripper.

Own a part of MaxGrip

Own a part of MaxGrip

Within our company but also with our clients: you can make a real difference. Our consultants are experts who contribute significantly to our clients’ growth and durable business productivity. We empower you to be their valuable partner. Within MaxGrip everyone can voice their ideas and our leaders love to hear your thoughts. We are a global company but with short lines of communication. In fact, MaxGrip is completely employee owned which is another way in which you can influence our company and direction.

We appreciate you

It’s not just about a good salary and secondary benefits (although the package is excellent), at MaxGrip we appreciate and recognize good work and your contribution to our company. You are rewarded for bringing new colleagues to the team or for bringing in new clients. We celebrate successes and regularly meet up to further strengthen our team bond, culminating in our yearly MaxGrip weekend. Mental health is also important to us and we have open talks about mental wellbeing, offer office massages from time to time and actively promote talking with your manager about your wellbeing.

And about that secondary benefits package (which we hinted at above): we are proud to offer you sizeable personal budget which you can use for training and courses, fitness subscriptions, trade media or to pay for extra leave days. It’s up to you!

Meeting Max and Shireen
Director HR

“Our average mark given by MaxGrippers is around an 8 out of 10. I am proud of this result as it is a clear sign that we appreciate and value all MaxGrippers.”

Carla den Hollander – VP HR

This was one of the results in our Employee Satisfaction Survey of 2023. We ask employees for their feedback (anonymously) on a yearly basis. The insights for improvement are translated to follow-up actions.

Inclusive workplace

At MaxGrip we empower people to do what they do best. We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters innovation and creativity, and we are committed to maintaining a culture in which everyone feels included. We welcome talented MaxGrippers regardless of gender, culture, origin, religious or social background, sexual orientation or identity, experiences and perspectives. In fact, we believe that a diverse group of people strengthens our consultancy work as a variety of perspectives offers our customers the best support.

inclusive workplace

“You work on cool projects with interesting clients but what is just as important is the great open culture at MaxGrip. It’s always easy to catch up with coworkers over a cup of coffee whether it is your direct consultant colleague or the CEO.”

Sander Janssen – Senior Consultant

Sander Janssen
Table football at the americas office

Stay connected

Hybrid working is our second nature. Work from home, at a client’s location or from one of our offices; we are flexible about where you work and will keep you updated and connected regularly. That is important to us as we have a strong, open culture of teamwork and entrepreneurship. We have Stay Connected Days in the office to meet up with each other, we share the company strategy and (financial) outlook regularly and we have short sessions such as MaxTalks and social hours to inspire each other, connect and unwind.

The application process

Did you find a vacancy that interests you? This is what happens after you apply.

1. You apply

Awesome that you would like to become a MaxGripper. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

2. Short intro call

One of our recruiters will call you to get to know each other and schedule the first job interview.

3. First job interview

The first interview with your hiring manager will take place through a video call or at the office if permitting.

4. Second job interview

The second interview will be with your hiring manager and a colleague. The interview is preferably at the office.

5. Terms of employment

We will share the terms of employment and make you an offer that you can’t refuse.

6. You are now a MaxGripper!

Congratulations. You will start your job at MaxGrip with a versatile and interesting onboarding program.


Kuala Lumpur (MY)

SAP – CMMS Consultant

Job type: Consultancy, IT

Experience: Medior, Senior

Utrecht (NL)

Digital marketing intern

Job type: Marketing

Experience: Intern

The Netherlands

Asset Management Consultant

Job type: Consultancy, Engineering

Experience: Medior, Senior

The Netherlands

Junior EAM Consultant

Job type: Consultancy, Engineering

Experience: Junior

The Netherlands

Maintenance & Reliability Consultant

Job type: Consultancy, Engineering

Experience: Medior, Senior

Houston (TX)

Maintenance & Reliability Engineer

Job type: Consultancy, Engineering

Experience: Junior, Medior, Senior

Kuala Lumpur (MY)

Maintenance & Reliability Engineer

Job type: Engineering

Experience: Medior, Senior

Utrecht (NL)

Human Resource Management stagiair(e)

Job type: HR

Experience: Intern

Utrecht (NL)

Junior HR Administrator – Advisor

Job type: HR

Experience: Junior, Medior

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