The road of Digital Transformation is paved with many solution providers that have different approaches, technology and propositions. While remaining  independent, we value the partnerships in our ecosystem; partners who are open to work with us to achieve the best results for our mutual clients, without commercial strings attached.

We value and respect the decisions of our clients to work with solutions they selected to meet their requirements; we are not incentivized to promote solutions of our partners. However, being familiar with their solutions helps us and our clients in accelerating Digital Transformation, whereas our partners appreciate the in-depth EAM and APM experience as well as change management skills we bring in addition to understanding their offerings.

Together we strive to reduce Total Cost of Ownership and facilitate  digitalization efforts; our partners will get their EAM and Industry 4.0 solutions to work for you and MaxGrip helps you to get your company to work in the best way with those solutions.

IFS Ultimo logo

IFS Ultimo develops out-of-the-box, flexible and all-encompassing Enterprise Asset Management software, using all the experience, aspects, data and information they have learned from their users over the past thirty years. Their solution can manage all types of assets.

MaxGrip is a certified Implementation Partner for IFS Ultimo, not a reseller or agent, and typically enters into a direct contract with the end user, which is aligned with IFS Ultimo.

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Augury is a leader in providing AI-driven solutions specifically designed for industrial manufacturing. Their offerings focus on enhancing production lines in terms of capacity, predictability, and sustainability. Augury’s solutions are divided into two main categories: Machine Health and Process Health. Machine Health aims to predict and prevent machine failure, thereby reducing maintenance and reliability costs. On the other hand, Process Health focuses on optimizing production lines for quality and throughput while minimizing waste and energy costs. MaxGrip is an implementation partner of Augury.

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IFS develops and delivers enterprise software, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. Their industry specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation.

MaxGrip is a IFS Gold Implementation Partner and typically enters into a direct contract with the end user, which is aligned with IFS.

MaxGrip does not resell IFS software.
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partner aveva

AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, drives digital transformation for industrial organizations managing complex operational processes. Their cloud-enabled operational data management, combined with intelligent software delivers proven business value and outcomes. MaxGrip partners with AVEVA in the APM space; partly because AVEVA acquired all MaxGrip software assets in 2019. This software helps businesses improve asset performance by integrating risk and asset criticality into an overall asset performance management strategy.

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Logo Innovapptive

Innovapptive is a best in class connected worker platform provider. Through their connected worker platform consisting of “out of the box SAP integrated suite of apps built on native iOS” with offline functionality and desktop applications, Innovapptive brings maintenance, operations and spare parts rooms together for increasing wrench time and improving work capacity. They connect frontline workers, assets and back office for improving productivity with collaboration and eliminating traditional silos of information.

MaxGrip is an implementation partner of Innovapptive.

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Partner Ureason

UReason offers next-generation Asset Performance Management (APM) software, using years of experience in the process and heavy asset industries. They apply data science skills to create condition based and predictive maintenance solutions and help companies in implementing more reliable and cost-effective processes.
MaxGrip partners with UReason in the adoption of their software. MaxGrip focuses on facilitating and implementing the right processes and organizational changes to maximize the potential and widen the use of the software.

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logo schneider electric

Schneider Electric offers digital transformation solutions through integrated process and energy technologies, focusing on efficiency and sustainability. They provide end-to-end lifecycle solutions via digital twins, emphasizing safety, reliability, and cybersecurity across various sectors. MaxGrip collaborates with Schneider Electric, offering APM consulting to enhance process automation and asset performance, facilitating adoption in a transparent partnership.

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logo cothink

CoThink consultants, facilitators and trainers are (Complex) Problem Solvers with an in-house developed approach to manage quality and reliability. They support clients to organize the operational processes and solve problems effectively. MaxGrip and CoThink have been partners for years. Together we help our joint clients to focus on what matters most, to resolve (structural) problems related to asset management. We also provide our APM expertise in CoThink training courses.

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Services for every asset performance management challenge

Asset Improvement Program

Assess your organization, deploy improvements and realize sustainable asset performance

EAM Implementation and Deployment

Have your organization get the most out of your EAM system

Industry 4.0 Implementation and Adoption

Take the next steps in Digital Transformation

Demonstrate Compliance

Prove regulatory compliance and safe practices.

Asset Integrity & Assurance

Safeguard safety with optimized asset integrity management

Asset Management Training and Coaching

Have your maintenance staff raise the bar of asset management

M&RE Resource Augmentation

Bring in MaxGrip maintenance experts to get the job done

Other APM challenges

Is your challenge not mentioned? Get in touch with an expert and we will find a solution together.

Get inspired

Join MaxGrip at the 2023 International Maintenance Conference (IMC) in Marco Island, Florida.

Webinar Asset Performance: Assess and improve

Join Justin Satink in our "Asset Performance" webinar. Uncover MaxGrip's global assessment insights, benchmark results, and a real-world case study. 26th September, 9 am CT | 4 pm CEST. Don't miss it!

MaxGrip played a large part in the program with two keynotes and five workshops with Waternet, ONE-Dyas, TenneT, Victrex, LNS Research and IFS Ultimo.