The road of Digital Transformation is paved with many solution providers that have different approaches, technology and propositions. While remaining agnostic and independent, we value the partnerships in our ecosystem; partners who are open to work with us to achieve the best results for our mutual clients, without commercial strings attached.

We value and respect the decisions of our clients to work with solutions they selected to meet their requirements; we are not incentivized to promote solutions of our partners. However, being familiar with their solutions helps us and our clients in accelerating Digital Transformation, whereas our partners appreciate the in-depth EAM and APM experience we bring in addition to understanding their offerings.

Together we strive to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and facilitate your digitalization efforts; our partners will get their EAM and Industry 4.0 solutions to work for you and MaxGrip helps you to get your company to work in the best way with those solutions.

MaxGrip does not resell any software.

IFS Ultimo logo

Ultimo develops out-of-the-box, flexible and all-encompassing Enterprise Asset Management software, using all the experience, aspects, data and information they have learned from their users over the past thirty years. Their solution can manage all types of assets.

MaxGrip is a certified Implementation Partner for Ultimo, not a reseller or agent, and typically enters into a direct contract with the end user, which is aligned with Ultimo.

MaxGrip does not resell Ultimo software.
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partner aveva

AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, drives digital transformation for industrial organizations managing complex operational processes. Through Performance Intelligence, AVEVA connects the power of information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight, to enable faster and more precise decision making, helping industries to boost operational delivery and sustainability. Their cloud-enabled operational data management, combined with software that spans design, engineering and operations, asset performance, monitoring and control solutions delivers proven business value and outcomes to over their clients worldwide. MaxGrip partners with AVEVA in the APM space; partly because AVEVA acquired all MaxGrip software assets in 2019. This software helps businesses improve asset performance by integrating risk and asset criticality into an overall asset performance management strategy.

MaxGrip does not resell AVEVA software.

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logo Ortec

ORTEC is a global supplier of mathematical optimization software, advanced analytics, and transformation services. It makes applied mathematics – data science, artificial intelligence, and optimization – accessible in a transparent, safe, and sustainable way. ORTEC creates effective and workable industry-specific optimization models that help its customers optimize their business processes.
MaxGrip partners with ORTEC to jointly offer bespoke solutions to clients to take the right decisions on subjects like asset investment planning, integral planning of maintenance and inspection activities, and run different scenarios to optimize asset performance, all in the wider context of overarching business imperatives. This is enabled through the combination of ORTECs modelling skills and MaxGrip expertise on APM and EAM.

MaxGrip does not resell ORTEC software.

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logo smartflow

Smartflow offers a cloud-based Connected Worker Platform; connecting people and systems to transform frontline operations. They empower businesses to digitize paper-based inspections, operator rounds, SHEQ, and maintenance processes and help industries to increase efficiency and logistics, ensuring safety, and reducing the frequency of downtime events. Their software can easily and rapidly connect to other applications and databases.
MaxGrip partners with Smartflow to offer our vast EAM and APM experience and insight in our customers workflows and current practices, to enable a faster and wider adoption of the Smartflow application.

MaxGrip does not resell Smartflow software.

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Partner Ureason

UReason offers next-generation Asset Performance Management (APM) software, using years of experience in the process and heavy asset industries. They apply Data Science skills to create Condition Based and Predictive Maintenance solutions and help companies in implementing more reliable and cost-effective processes. They have expertise in machine learning, predictive analytics and probabilistic reasoning combined with almost 20 years of industry knowledge.
MaxGrip partners with UReason in the adoption of their software at their – and our – clients. The UReason software enables clients to achieve significant improvements in Asset Performance. MaxGrip focuses on facilitating and implementing the right processes and organizational changes to maximize the potential and widen the use of the software.

MaxGrip does not resell UReason software.

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logo schneider electric

Schneider Electric provides hardware, software and services to drive digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies to realize the full efficiency and sustainability opportunities for their clients. They enable lifecycle solutions from design and build to operate and maintain phases through a digital twin and deliver capabilities to transform from site-to-site to an integrated company management. Their integrated solutions are built with safety, reliability and cybersecurity for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.
MaxGrip partners with Schneider Electric to provide our APM consulting expertise to their clients and prospects on a case-by-case basis. The main focus is on connecting process automation with asset performance optimization and accelerating and facilitating adoption, in a transparent partnership

MaxGrip does not resell Schneider Electric products, software or services.

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logo honeywell

Honeywell provides solutions that drive digital transformation. They help their clients to digitally transform by combining operational data to enable remote and autonomous operations that improve over time and easily extend to new systems. They enable company objectives like productivity gains, yield optimization, remote operations and reductions in carbon footprint. Their connected software and hardware solutions drive how enterprises unify their data, decision making and business goals to optimize and automate operational processes, assets and people.
MaxGrip partners with Honeywell to provide our APM consulting expertise to their clients and prospects, leveraging our Asset Improvement Program. The main focus is on connecting process automation with asset performance optimization while bringing in industry expertise to accelerate time to value.

MaxGrip does not resell Honeywell products, software or services.

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logo cothink

CoThink consultants, facilitators and trainers are (Complex) Problem Solvers with a unique and in-house developed approach to manage the quality and reliability of your company. They help to get a grip on every situation and to communicate what matters based on facts. They support clients to organize the operational processes and solve problems effectively. They teach their clients to do the same going forward. They have clients across many sectors and do not work exclusively on Asset Management

MaxGrip and CoThink have been partners for many years. Together we help our joint clients to focus on what matters most, to resolve (structural) problems related to Asset Management and to set their organization right. We also provide our APM expertise in several CoThink training courses.

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