Cleopatra Enterprise, a global leader in cost engineering software and services, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with MaxGrip, the renowned global Asset Performance Management (APM) consultancy firm. This alliance marks a significant step in optimizing Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages (STO) management. In the partnership the flagship software of Cleopatra Enterprise will be deployed by MaxGrip consultants who add their deep domain knowledge to optimize results for clients.

Cleopatra Enterprise, known for its comprehensive cost engineering solutions, will now be paired with MaxGrip’s 25-year expertise in APM, software deployment and change management. Cleopatra Enterprise and MaxGrip are enthusiastic about the opportunities this partnership will unlock for clients worldwide. By combining MaxGrip’s consultancy prowess and specialized expertise with Cleopatra’s robust cost engineering capabilities, this collaboration is set to significantly improve value and results for clients across industries in the long term.

Christiaan des Bouvrie, CEO Cleopatra: “I am verry happy to have a partner with extensive knowledge on moving a company towards operational excellence by enhancing asset performance. Within Cleopatra Enterprise we always have the vision to build solutions for professionals by professionals. MaxGrip is very knowledgeable in the realm of Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages (STO) and Maintenance and as such a perfect fit with this prementioned vision. We look forward to making even more clients around the globe happy together with the help from experienced MaxGrip consultants.‘’

Mark Mulder, CEO MaxGrip: “I am delighted with our partnership with Cleopatra Enterprise. MaxGrip consultants have both deep domain knowledge and software deployment experience in the area of Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages (STO). With over 25 years of experience and a global history of working with market leaders, MaxGrip has a proven track record in driving asset performance improvements. The synergy between Cleopatra’s technology and MaxGrip’s domain expertise will ensure that our clients get the most out of the software, setting them up for success and continuous improvement.”

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About Cleopatra Enterprise

Cleopatra Enterprise, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has been a Project & Turnaround management platform provider for over twenty years. Their flagship product is a leading cost engineering software solution adopted by various industries globally.