The complexities of change management are formidable, especially for maintenance and asset management managers navigating a landscape increasingly driven by new technologies, efficiency mandates and regulatory compliance. The transformation chasm, identified by LNS Research, reveals that a significant majority of organizations fail to achieve tangible benefits from their change initiatives. This whitepaper addresses these challenges, providing a strategic roadmap for successful change based on MaxGrip’s 25 years of industry leadership and experience in asset performance management. Get your copy today!

Stages to sustain change

You will learn

  • The three essential stages of organizational change;
  • Important actions regarding how to create a climate for change;
  • How to empower the organization to take ownership;
  • Strategies to maintain change and ensure long-term success.

Related webinar: Effective Change Management

On Wednesday January 17 2024 we will host a pragmatic webinar on Effective Change Management: The Key to Improvement in cooperation with the Dutch maintenance organization NVDO. This session is designed to equip industry professionals with cutting-edge insights and practical tools to implement organizational change.

Note: This webinar is in Dutch.

Willem van Keulen

Willem van Keulen – Senior Consultant

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Perspectives on Asset Management

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CXO partnership

Ultimo and MaxGrip have entered into a partnership to offer asset-intensive companies the best solution and services to improve asset performance.

Reliability Centered Maintenance

When deciding on trigger events to initiate a root cause analysis (RCA), it is important to keep in mind your organization’s strategic objectives.