Improving processes, having a good insight in and control of your asset performance and exploiting and upgrading your Asset Performance Management systems are known factors to realize tangible improvements in your asset performance. However, without securing internal support and adoption of the change, your ROI will never reach its full potential. Along with having a proper and bespoke roadmap in place to gradually move forward.

Changing work methods and process to achieve asset performance improvements may have significant consequences for the ability to execute, company culture and operating practices. In this action-driven webinar we will share real cases of APM success. We will share how these companies have been able to make the required changes, their experience and the conditions for success while considering the people aspect to achieve real results.

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Ronald de Kok

VP Marketing & Sales
MaxGrip VP marketing sales

Ronald has been deeply involved in the development, deployment and implementation of APM within asset-intensive organizations. Since 2000, Ronald has been involved in the introduction of the PAS 55 / ISO 55001 and has led the certification of the first companies in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in this asset management standard. Additionally, he developed and introduced risk-based maintenance and inspection software solutions. He has done this across a wide variety of industries at an international level. 

Hugo van der Burgh

Senior Consultant
Hugo van der Burgh

Hugo is a senior maintenance and reliability consultant. He has been working at MaxGrip since 2012. He is in charge of implementing and improving asset performance and maintenance management frameworks. This involves companies in the Food & Beverage, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Steel, Infra & Utilities sectors in several countries. Hugo has extensive experience in the use of EAM and APM solutions. He is also well-versed in training and coaching maintenance teams to adopt change and gain results.

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