Bridging the Gap

For industrial companies, operational efficiency and technological advancements stand at the forefront of organizational growth. Verdantix, an independent market research firm, has recently unveiled critical insights into Asset Management Technology Implementation in its acclaimed Green Quadrant report. These insights highlight the intricate dance between technological complexity and the quest for operational efficiency within the Industrial Asset Management (IAM) domain. Our webinar is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical frameworks and tangible outcomes in asset performance management.

Key Takeaways

  • Market Landscape: Explore market trends and shifts through the lens of independent research
  • Bridging Theory and Practice: Gain exclusive insights into how to transform strategic theories into effective, actionable solutions with impact
  • Real World Examples: Based on MaxGrip’s extensive track record, they share client cases, their learnings and road to success
  • Interactive Q&A: Engage with the experts about tech implementation challenges in asset management

Why Watch This WEbinar

Aimed primarily at global maintenance and asset managers in the industrial sector, this session stands out by translating theories into actionable strategies you can apply within your organization. It’s not just about learning the concepts; it’s about empowering you with innovative ideas and tools to bring those concepts to life in your daily operations. Join us to turn insights into action and theory into practice, enhancing your skills and driving tangible improvements in your asset management processes.

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Featured speakers

Malavika Tohani, Research Director at Verdantix

Malavika Tohani leads the Operational Excellence practice at Verdantix. With over 15 years of experience in research and strategy consulting, her work is pivotal in driving digital transformation within industrial risk and asset management.

Malavika Tohani

Mark Mulder, CEO of MaxGrip

Since joining MaxGrip in 2006, Mark Mulder has ascended through various leadership roles to his current position as CEO. Under his stewardship, MaxGrip has seen global expansion and cemented its reputation as a leading consultant in Asset Performance Management.

Mark Mulder

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