verdantix badge innovatorVerdantix, an independent research and advisory firm, has designated MaxGrip as the innovator in the 2024 Green Quadrant for Industrial Asset Management Technology Implementation Services. Download your complimentary copy of the Green Quadrant report for an up-to-date analysis of asset management tech service providers.

“As industrial organizations increasingly prioritize operational efficiency, investment in implementation services is on the rise and the complexity of IAM technology installations highlights the critical need for specialized expertise,” commented Hugo Fuller, Industry Analyst at Verdantix in the report.

What you will learn in this report

  • The leading service providers for IAM implementations and deployments;
  • Insights in the state of Industrial Asset Management implementation;
  • Why MaxGrip is the only innovator across all companies evaluated for this Green Quadrant.

Download the Report

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“MaxGrip excels at deployment services. They have a track record of EAM software implementation at scale, with strong change management expertise and robust asset integrity and reliability tech implementation services.”

Hugo Fuller, Industry Analyst at Verdantix in the Green Quadrant IAM Implementation services report, 2024.

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