At one of the largest refineries in the world, a global oil concern produces a variety of energy and chemicals. The plant has a complex network of processing units of which one is focused on the generation of hydrogen. The reliability team asked MaxGrip to come in and assist with some highly critical assets. 

Approach: RCA and Predictive analytics

The MaxGrip consultant started with collecting the available data and information and defining the business case (financial, safety, health and environment perspectives included) to prove that the assets experience the problems and that it was crucial to get them solved. The Root Cause Analysis, hypothesis and available data were shared with the data science team to have them perform a data analysis and validate the suspected root causes. Our consultant then analyzed the resulting data report and drew conclusions based on the available knowledge and their own domain expertise.  

Mitigating actions were carried out by the asset support team. New real time condition monitoring tools were implemented triggering the Operations team instantly when deviations occur. This gave the team more control, predicting and preventing failures timely. 

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So far, MaxGrip’s trusted advisor has solved three cases for the refinery. This has resulted in: 

  • Over five million dollar savings YoY for these three cases alone; 
  • A significant improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness; 
  • HSE risks mitigated; 
  • Change management: substantiating hypotheses with data shows a new way of working to the team. The consultant’s change management skills in combination with their domain expertise were invaluable in this process and getting buy-in from the team. 

Download the longread case study for more results. 

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