A multinational healthcare company, which is headquartered in the United States of America, operate in over 120 countries and have an annual revenue of over US$ 25 billion. The manufacturer of healthcare products teamed up with MaxGrip to improve their asset performance in the nutrition division contributing to a better Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). MaxGrip was asked to assess the asset performance improvement potential with an asset management assessment at seven sites. A second step is the deployment of the improvements, with site management in the lead.


Stage 1: Asset Improvement Mapping

MaxGrip first performed an assessment, an Asset Improvement Mapping, at seven sites across Europe and Asia. The assessment is based on fourteen APM competencies which belong to three dimensions: asset reliability, management and maintenance execution. MaxGrip’s AIM scoped the improvement potential per site and delivered a set of tailored recommendations per location.

The improvement program continued with the sites then having to create a tailored improvement plan for their location based on their AIM recommendations.


Stage 2: Asset Improvement Deployment

Based on the recommendations the MaxGrip consultant in close collaboration with the Operations Manager and Maintenance Manager, deployed various improvements, including:

  • Gaining better insights: setting up monthly reports on maintenance spend and forecasts, asset failures, top 3 performance killers.
  • Changing way of working: going from shifts to day-time planned maintenance and on-call shifts for unplanned work.
  • Further implementing OEE: improving reporting to show how Maintenance adds value to Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


All of the improvements were implemented within half a year. This meant that the organization had to change significantly in a short span of time. While there was some resistance in the beginning, the organization became enthusiastic about the new, futureproof setup quickly due to the significant benefits that were achieved. These were benefits for both the technical staff and management. 

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