MaxGrip was asked to assess and scope the asset performance improvement potential for a global healthcare company. The American multinational has a solid foundation with a lifetime of over 150 years, an annual revenue of over US$ 25 billion and operations in over 120 countries. Our consultants partnered with the pharmaceutical company to focus first on its Dutch production location; The asset management organization at the site understood and recognized its potential for maintenance and asset performance improvements.

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MaxGrip consultants performed an Asset Improvement Mapping (AIM) to assess the current state of the pharmaceutical site’s asset management. The AIM is a detailed review of fourteen APM competences within the connected dimensions of maintenance execution, asset reliability and management. MaxGrip consultants did a plant walkdown, collected important data and information including data sets from the APM and EAM systems, the maintenance budget of the last five years and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data. All data was validated through remote interviews with over twenty key stakeholders from different departments and at various organizational levels. With all the gathered data, information and insights our consultants then performed the improvement mapping based on our proven methodology.


If all recommendations are deployed then the potential improvements and savings for the production locations are upwards of € 5,5 million with a Return on Investment of around nine months. The production location is happy with the results and excited about realizing the asset performance improvement potential. MaxGrip has started the next stage at this site, the Asset Improvement Deployment (AID). This will transform the recommendations and roadmap into reality. Additionally, the project is extended to include six more sites around the world where MaxGrip is doing an Asset Improvement Mapping.

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