What is your company’s maintenance maturity? Do you know what your current situation is regarding your state of asset performance? In this whitepaper we share how companies across the world in various industries stack up. The whitepaper serves as inspiration and practical guide to start on the road to improve asset performance and maintenance maturity.

You will learn

  • Benchmark and insights based on 150+ assessments
  • The six steps of an asset management assessment to come to a pragmatic roadmap
  • The five best practices applied by industry leaders to improve asset performance

Sign up for a related webinar: Asset Performance – Assess and Improve

On Tuesday September 26 we will host a pragmatic webinar on Asset Performance: Assess and Improve. In the webinar we share the six steps of a robust asset management assessment and the real-life client case of a waste-to-energy plant. More information on this 30-minute webinar can be found below.

justin satink

Justin Satink – Senior Consultant

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Get inspired

MaxGrip played a large part in the program with two keynotes and five workshops with Waternet, ONE-Dyas, TenneT, Victrex, LNS Research and IFS Ultimo.

We bring together perspectives on asset management for EuroMaintenance. Presentations incl. with Waternet, ONE-Dyas, TenneT, Victrex, LNS Research and IFS Ultimo.

Webinar Asset Performance: Assess and improve

Join Justin Satink in our "Asset Performance" webinar. Uncover MaxGrip's global assessment insights, benchmark results, and a real-world case study. 26th September, 9 am CT | 4 pm CEST. Don't miss it!