Solution: RCM Implementation

Industry: Oil & Gas

Region: Americas

Site: Offshore Platform

Timeline: 2019 – Ongoing

About the client

Oil & gas supermajor with multiple offshore platforms sought the expertise of MaxGrip to improve the availability of their assets and reduce maintenance deferments.

MaxGrip’s client, an oil and gas supermajor, is an offshore pioneer that powers the globe and continually pushes the envelope in the design, construction, and operation of world-class oil and gas producing assets. They operate multiple offshore platforms in North America. These platforms are used to extract and process petroleum and natural gases – which are then distributed globally.

The Challenge

The client faced challenges in establishing a defined PM strategy on their offshore platform in North America because the site features multiple assets. Each of these assets which houses thousands of pieces of equipment and instruments.

The maintenance strategy in-place prioritized equipment maintenance based on internal procedures, including a time-scheduled and zero-based strategy. However, they found that these methods made it easy to overlook critical failure scenarios. This would lead to a domino effect of unscheduled deferments and unnecessarily high maintenance costs on critical equipment. With high production rate, a critical equipment failure can potentially lead to millions of dollars in losses.

After trying multiple strategies and not seeing the targeted availability, they decided to conduct an RCM analysis with MaxGrip to determine the optimal strategy to implement across the entire site that would help meet the targeted availability and provide cost savings.

A Comprehensive Scope

To start the project, MaxGrip made it a top priority to help the client identify gaps within their foundational data, including their CMMS, asset registry data, and procedures. This prefaced an RCM analysis, which is a cost-effective method to gather information on the most critical and problematic areas in an equipment. These gatherings are then used to develop a like-equipment strategy. MaxGrip provided the client a comprehensive scope that included a(n):

  • Criticality Analysis & Foundational Data Review
  • RCM Analysis
  • Reliability Strategy Library Development

Did you know?

Instead of a single strategy, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is the optimal combination of reactive, predictive, condition-based, and proactive maintenance.

MaxGrip’s Solution

RCM Study Results

Units Studied
Critical Equipment Analyzed
Redesign Improvements and Spare Recommendations Identified
Existing Tasks Validated
Low-value Tasks Cleared
New Tasks Added

Learn how to use RCM to drive your bottom line

The Results

A tailored, deployable maintenance blueprint

Through MaxGrip’s expertise in identifying the most critical areas within a single equipment, the client now held the blueprint for a structured PM strategy that improved maintenance task orders and drastically reduce risk.

The right partnership = 91% availability

In partnering with MaxGrip, the client gained deeper insights into which equipment to prioritize and how to properly mitigate the risk of these units failing. Since the start of the project, the asset has seen 4% increase in availability over 3 years and achieved 91% availability with more improvements to come.


in cumulative risk reduction

Your journey to a world-class asset performance strategy starts here.

Global clients across industries turn to MaxGrip for their maintenance challenges. Schedule a no-obligation to learn how you can receive personalized plan to increase your site reliability and save on your maintenance costs.

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Alex Lemuz

Alex Lemuz
Sales Manager - Americas
T: +1 832-933-1602

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