Victrex is a supplier of high-performance polymers and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It produces polymers, forms and parts for focused markets including aerospace, automotive, electronics, oil and gas and medical. Victrex teamed up with MaxGrip to improve their asset management through a maintenance and engineering excellence program. The new asset management strategy should include the ability to increase output volume and quality, reduce waste and energy consumption. Victrex Senior Management saw potential to further improve capabilities and support ESG (environmental, social and governance) goals.

“I am satisfied with the traction of the program and the momentum this is generating. MaxGrip is a valuable partner with strong expertise in asset management, maintenance and inspection. The assessments, improvement roadmaps and implementation in the workstreams are proving successful and I see the clear acceptance and adoption by my staff, taking ownership. I am looking forward to the long-term relationship and support from MaxGrip in this excellence program.”

– Jeff Versterre, COO at Victrex –


MaxGrip started the project with an assessment, the Asset Improvement Mapping (AIM). As part of the AIM, they interviewed 35 stakeholders across the organization and performed a remote walkdown through a plant of Victrex. With all the gathered information, MaxGrip created an Asset Improvement Map and presented its recommendations to key stakeholders and the COO of the company.

The next step was an Asset Improvement Deployment (AID). This entails the further detailing of an improvement roadmap, the planning and deliverables. Victrex created the AID program together with MaxGrip. The deployment was split up in seven different workstreams.


(Expected) results are:

  • Sustainable performance improvement which will result in a projected multi-million pounds cost savings;
  • The project (the Asset Improvement Mapping and following deployment) serve as a blueprint for global scale-up;
  • Long-term benefits include increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and much more.

More results are outlined in the downloadable case study.

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