AVR Duiven, a waste-to-energy plant in the Netherlands, sought to enhance their maintenance management and optimize their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. MaxGrip was engaged to assist in achieving these goals.

“I am sure that with MaxGrip we have improved and progressed further than we would have been able to do without them. The MaxGrip consultant offers a fresh and holistic perspective. Not only that, but they get things done: from asking critical questions and formulating what needs to be achieved to collaborating with the team and contractors to realize goals.”

Remco Rutgers, Manager Maintenance and Engineering at AVR Duiven

Marcel Hoekstra

Challenges: EAM system optimization

AVR Duiven’s maintenance team had been utilizing the IFS Ultimo EAM system, but they aimed to maximize its potential for better outcomes. Key objectives included improving uptime, maximizing installation availability, extending planned shutdown intervals, and enhancing budget forecasting capabilities.

More results are outlined in the downloadable case study.

Approach: Consistency and transparency

MaxGrip implemented several actions to enhance maintenance management and utilization of the IFS Ultimo EAM system at AVR Duiven. These were focused on refining the maintenance strategy, enhancing EAM system utilization, improving the way of working and leveraging the PM models and strategy within IFS Ultimo as the foundation for multi-year budgeting.

Results: Enhanced effectiveness

The collaboration between the AVR Duiven maintenance team and MaxGrip yielded significant improvements in utilizing the IFS Ultimo EAM system including improved transparency, reducing dependence on contractors and aiding compliance. The enhanced budgeting and reporting, provides the maintenance manager with greater confidence and visibility for long-term budgeting.

More results are outlined in the downloadable case study.

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