A multinational corporation specializes in managing facilities and equipment across more than 70 countries. This entity provides extensive management services to various global clients, including a prominent energy firm. For this energy company’s innovation center, MaxGrip was selected to take on the crucial role of project manager for their hard Facility Management (hard FM) needs.

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Ambitions: Optimized Facility Operations

The company is responsible for ensuring the continuous high reliability,
safety, maintainability, and sustainability of the equipment. The uninterrupted
operation and supply of various resources are crucial for the ongoing
success of long-term research initiatives at a major research facility. The
facility sought a project manager dedicated to the consistent availability of
utilities, ensuring round-the-clock operation of the on-site laboratories. The
project manager needed to grasp the overarching strategy of the energy firm
and translate it into everyday operations. MaxGrip was selected due to its
established track record in the industry and our domain expertise, allowing
our consultants to deeply understand internal processes and communicate
effectively within that context.

Approach: Bridge Between Strategy and Execution

The project manager plays a crucial role in ensuring that the physical assets
and infrastructure related to gases of the facility are effectively maintained,
compliant and operate efficiently. Their responsibilities typically encompass
a broad range of tasks, focusing on the tangible aspects of a building’s
operation and maintenance. Above all, stakeholder management is a key part
of the daily tasks. Carefully listening to the clients in order to translate their
wishes into tangible scope and towards an execution plan. The MaxGrip
consultant follows a comprehensive approach which involves the meticulous
management of multiple projects simultaneously, often juggling twenty
projects at the same time.

1. Project Planning and Management
The project manager oversees the projects, focusing on the assets. This
involves setting project goals, scoping, budgeting, setting up a project
planning, scheduling and ensuring projects are completed on time and within
budget. The planning includes stage gates which are important measures to
divide a project into phases, each followed by a decision point (gate) to
assess progress and decide whether to continue, adjust, or maybe even
discontinue the project.

2. Regulatory Compliance
The project manager ensures compliance with regulations and standards
governing assets. This includes national and local safety standards,
environmental regulations related to emissions, building codes and industry specific guidelines.

3.Vendor and Contractor Management
The project manager is also responsible for the selection and
management of the relationships with external vendors and contractors.
This includes overseeing work quality and ensuring service level
agreements are met. The project manager aims to standardize processes
and assets to enhance maintainability and ensure the long-term success
of the facility management services.

4. Asset Management
A key task is keeping track of the facility’s physical assets and their
conditions. The project manager makes informed decisions about repair,
replacements or upgrades. This includes asset lifecycle management.

5.Stakeholder Management
MaxGrip’s role as a project manager is crucial in acting as a bridge between
the facility management operator, the facility users, the client (energy
company) and subcontractors. This involves many different tasks including
acting as a sparring partner for management, aligning projects with key
goals, reporting on project progress, financial and operational matters.

6.Sustainability and Efficiency Improvements
Implementing initiatives to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of
facility operations, such as energy-saving projects. An example project is the
conceptual study on making the incinerator at the facility sustainable. This
translates to the question whether the asset can switch from gas to
hydrogen-fired or fully electrified in order to contribute to the goals of net
zero emission for this facility. The project manager researches feasibility and
keeps the company strategy and goals in mind when giving their advice.

In essence, the role of a Project Manager in Hard Facility Management is
integral to the smooth operation, sustainability, and long-term value
preservation of physical assets and infrastructure.

“Everyone I work with in this project represents a different function or department with their own perspectives and objectives; I find it fascinating how so many disciplines come together to collaborate. Understanding what everyone needs to be successful is crucial.

It’s all about thinking outside the box, utilizing my domain expertise and project management skills to taking decisive action. I enjoy being able to play such a pivotal role for my client, making a difference every day and empowering them to be successful.”

– MaxGrip consultant on the job –

Benefits: Delivering Value

The partnership between MaxGrip and this hard facility company, underpinned
by MaxGrip’s adept project management, has led to the successful delivery of
numerous projects over a span of almost four years. Being the bridge between
all of the different stakeholders, the project manager plays a pivotal role in
realizing high reliability, safety, maintainability and sustainability of the assets.

This collaboration not only underscores MaxGrip’s ability to drive operational
efficiency and strategic alignment but also highlights our commitment to
delivering tangible results that align with company objectives. MaxGrip’s work
showcases the impact of expert project management that can elevate the
quality and efficiency of services in complex and demanding environments.

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