The first few weeks of the new year are usually all about looking ahead. Experts who predict trends for the year, people making their new year’s resolutions (and trying to stick to them), companies finetuning their plans and strategies. For me, as a Maintenance Professional, if I look at 2023 there’s one big event that stands out: EuroMaintenance 2023.

This year, the Dutch Maintenance Society (NVDO), in close corporation with the EFNMS (European Maintenance Federation), is organizing the biannual conference, which is held in Rotterdam (Ahoy) from April 17th until 19th. As a board member of the NVDO, I am very proud of our maintenance society (the largest of Europe) and country to host such a great event. With a theme of ‘Asset Management at its best’ and a strong program in place including an exhibition, I expect the event to be a great success. Together we will make Rotterdam the maintenance capital of Europe!

Empowered to perform

MaxGrip will also be heavily involved in the conference. At our consultancy firm, we have worked hard to bring together various perspectives on asset management for EuroMaintenance this year. We are skilled at bringing together people and perspectives within companies across the globe in many different industries and with various technology partners. After 25 years in business I can safely say that we know how to empower companies to perform and get the results they require.

Our clients’ perspectives

I am especially proud of the two key note presentations and five workshops that MaxGrippers will host during the conference. These are presentations given by clients such as Waternet, the Public Water Authority of Amsterdam, TenneT, the Dutch transmission system operator, ONE-Dyas (oil & gas exploration and production company) and Victrex (chemical company) as well as presentations with partners like IFS Ultimo and LNS Research.

Let’s share

A personal new year’s resolution I made is meeting more clients and relations face to face. EuroMaintenance will be an excellent opportunity for me to engage with other Maintenance Societies, participants, conference guests, clients, partners, and others. Let’s share our perspectives on asset management and inspire each other to make 2023 the best year yet for all of us.

Marcel Morsing
Senior BD consultant

Written by

senior partner MaxGrip

Marcel Morsing
Senior BD consultant
Infra, Energy & Utilities

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