Ultimo and MaxGrip have entered into a partnership to offer asset-intensive companies the best solution and services to improve asset performance. Ultimo offers pragmatic, high-quality Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software and MaxGrip’s Asset Performance Management (APM) consultants carry out a tailor-made implementation to integrate the software into the organization’s business processes. The partnership between the two companies ensures a smooth transition that sets industrial and asset-centric customers up for asset management success. Companies in the US and around the globe now have faster access to Ultimo’s leading EAM platform and can benefit from local expertise and support from the implementation specialists.

Smooth implementation

Cees Maaskant, CEO of MaxGrip, commented: “Whether you are just starting to use an EAM system or switching to a new one, you want to minimize disruption and realize improvements quickly. MaxGrip and Ultimo provide a smooth implementation, ensuring that all crucial processes are fully aligned. Think of your technology, systems, processes and people. Ultimo’s robust but flexible EAM software offers extensive features to maximize asset availability and increase productivity. MaxGrip will make sure that the software is aligned with your business processes and ready to capture real, measurable value. Together we will get the job done.”

CEO MaxGrip

Global opportunities

Marcel Leeflang, Head of Channel Sales at Ultimo, added: “We have been working together with MaxGrip on several projects for a couple of years, and I am happy that we have now agreed on an official international partnership. It is a logical step for both of us since the combination of our services creates so much value for our global customers. As MaxGrip is very active in the US and other countries outside Europe, this partnership unlocks international growth opportunities for Ultimo. Compared to many other EAM providers active in those areas, our platform is much more flexible, industry-oriented and doesn’t require a big investment. That’s why we are convinced that we can bring a lot of value to our global customers.”

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