Downtime has a tangible impact on production, revenue, and an asset’s lifecycle costs. The infographic below highlights 5 benefits to collecting accurate and actionable failure data. 

Read our full article on the benefits of tracking equipment downtime and learn a few of the best approaches for collecting actionable data.

Infographic of the five benefits to tracking equipment downtime

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Our experts have summed up benchmarks and tips on what and how to save maintenance cost post-lockdown.

Industry Leaders Round Table: Data Driven Asset Management

In the first half of 2022, MaxGrip organized a Round Table on the topic of Data Driven Asset Management. It was attended by ten maintenance and operations managers from leading companies like Heineken, Abbott Nutrition, Waternet, Vopak and Smurfit Kappa Parenco.

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A maintenance and reliability audit is a powerful tool to objectively evaluate your organization’s operations to uncover areas for improvement.