It is a memorable year for MaxGrip as we celebrate the company’s 25th birthday. Over the past quarter century, we have helped our clients with overcoming challenges in asset performance management, maintenance and integrity management. We launched and sold our successful APM software suite and expanded our reach to a global level with offices and projects around the world and across industries. With the introduction of our Asset Improvement Program in 2020, MaxGrip took the next step in proving to be the practice leader in APM consultancy; getting the job done and realizing results with and for our clients.

Since 1997, the world of maintenance and asset performance management has changed a great deal. In fact, it is still in flux with Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation driving the change. This anniversary year, MaxGrip has chosen to pay special attention to four main themes which are a part of that transformational journey.

The first quarter we will put data-driven asset management in the spotlight. We know pretty well in the Netherlands that you cannot build a good house without a proper foundation (or you will get your feet wet). Data is that crucial foundation to integrate Industry 4.0 solutions. It starts with having the right, up-to-date (foundational) data available. The next step is to connect the data from different IT and OT systems. Then translate insights into actions and you may choose to take the next step by implementing 4.0 solutions such as predictive analytics. So, how do you actually get your data management in order to realize sustainable results? That’s the most important question to answer, something we consider to be the domain of our experienced consultants (and APM practice leaders).

We are proud of our strong practice leaders, great partners and last but certainly not least so many loyal, inspiring clients. We wish you all the best in 2022 and I look forward to celebrating this special year with all of you.

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