Organizations are looking to implement bold and exciting solutions to streamline their maintenance operations. The industrial internet of things (IIoT), digital twins, and Industry 4.0 are the latest in a long line of maintenance buzzwords. Many companies, however, often ignore the very thing that will fuel these future maintenance strategies: data. Foundational data includes everything from asset naming conventions in your CMMS/EAM to failure codes or asset criticality. It isn’t the latest buzzword, but data is the foundation for any asset performance management framework.

In this session, we’ll explore the definition of foundational data, why it’s critical for your CMMS or EAM, and how standardization will help develop a strategic APM framework. Discover how simple changes to your data strategy will drastically reduce maintenance costs and boost savings.

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Jeremy Borton

Sr. Maintenance & Reliability Consultant
MaxGrip Jeremy Borton

Jeremy Borton started professional consulting in 1999 with Management Resources Group Inc. Mr. Borton is responsible for overseeing field operations and internal development with MaxGrip Americas.

During his tenure Mr. Borton has implemented several enterprise projects spanning several states and countries at times. These implementations consists of everything from creating a master equipment list to cleansing MRO data to facilitating RCM workshops. In the past several years Mr. Borton has been focusing on Asset Performance Management (APM) and has conducted over 30 APM assessments on two different continents in 3 different countries.

Mr. Borton has 20 years of professional consulting experience. His past positions include lead trainer MRG, Sr. Reliability Engineer lead Chevron pipeline, Project Manager British Petroleum Alaska, APM Lead South America.

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