Strategic maintenance blueprint and deployment of new EAM system for all breweries

MaxGrip developed a strategic blueprint for the maintenance processes of a renowned international brewery. This blueprint was rolled out in a tailor made deployment model to breweries worldwide. We reviewed and optimized all APM Business processes, structured the Maximo EAM system and trained the people on the different production locations.

Since the early days in 19th-century, this company has grown into a global household name. Apart from the famous lager beer, it brews and sells other international premium, regional, local and specialty beers. It serves worldwide countries and invests in additional brewing capacity. Maintenance maturity is one of the highest priorities. The company applies tailored elements of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) philosophy, strong engineering standards and Preventive Maintenance standardization.

Cost efficiency

A big challenge for the company is to expand market shares by improving cost efficiency. All the more pressing because of the many acquisitions in upcoming markets, it is essential to have global business processes and data standards. MaxGrip is known to add value through this kind of strategic improvements. Already familiar with the company’s strategy and maintenance methodologies, we were able to connect IT solutions with in-depth knowledge of the business processes. MaxGrip was asked to design a consolidated EAM blueprint that incorporates existing maintenance standards while challenging the current system and standards. The company wants to make the very most of the new system, and incorporate best practices during the development and implementation of maintenance work processes for all breweries.


How we help

  • Reviewing and optimizing existing maintenance standards and work processes
  • Aligning maintenance practices and IT systems with business strategies
  • Developing a strategic blueprint for the maintenance organization
  • Developing a tailor-made deployment model for the global roll-out to all breweries
  • Transforming the EAM system to a world-class maintenance support system
  • Managing change and creating a support base through intensive validation sessions
  • Improving business processes to control complex cross-border supply chains
  • Ensuring full utilization of the new global EAM system

Business validation

Taking existing standards as the starting point, for each process a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts prepared new process designs in various sessions. In principle, the new global blueprint was suitable for any EAM system, according to MaxGrip maintenance consultant. “While most of the long-established breweries work with SAP, the company was looking for a single EAM system that is both user-friendly and modest in its demand for local digital bandwidth. MaxGrip supported the company and IBM with the functional design of the new global Maximo EAM system. In validation sessions with the the company’s experts, we have explored significant improvement opportunities, set the right priorities and preferences for an EAM system which meets all requirements and is ready to be built.”

Industrialized roll-out by the advanced EAM deployment model

Designing the “future state EAM system” is one thing, which will never come to value without a rock-solid implementation guidance model to bring the new system instances towards the demanding breweries. MaxGrip has a strong experience in what it takes to launch a new EAM system towards “full run-rate”. We have developed an advanced Deployment Model® that enables our clients as well as our consultants to guide their business locations towards a healthy go-live and value realization period. This Deployment Model® consists of an extensive set of guidance processes, tooling, change drivers and monitoring instruments to accelerate and control the implementation on the business side. We strongly believe in our model as we are all human beings that are very familiar with the daily practice of our clients and therefore understand that an implementation project simply disrupts the normal job of all business roles only temporarily.

Value realization

All maintenance and supply chain processes, the functional requirements, data standards and KPI dashboards were redesigned in full alignment with the global company strategy. “The implementation and global roll-out is an ongoing process with many opportunities for value realization”, says MaxGrip consultant. “MaxGrip has a reputation for its hands-on approach and strongly believes that the go-live is not the end of the project, but a new start. After many changes, the time has now come to reap the benefits of real development. We always aim to stay fully engaged and ensure that the deployment of new systems and processes is self-sustaining and self-reinforcing. Through validation sessions with all key regions, and by incorporating functionalities that support all breweries and organizational levels, we ensure that all regions can work with it right away and in the right way.”