Optimal Asset Management

How we helped SFPUC mitigate risk and reduce cost with 25%

How we did it
Mitigating risks

Managing your Asset Risks

Are you in control of your asset’s risks and integrity?

Efficient maintenance strategy

The capacity and variation at which your asset is used generally impacts the deterioration rate and its life expectancy. Getting enough insight in the risk(s) of asset or system failure and the development and implementation of an optimal maintenance strategy is a challenge. That’s where MaxGrip comes in. We give you accurate and complete insights in business goals, possible risks and performance data: essential elements in controlling and managing your assets.

This will help you to:

  • Measure the overall integrity of the asset;
  • Identify risks and prevent unacceptable failures by taking efficient and effective measures;
  • Prevent incidents impacting health, safety, and environmental aspects;
  • Measure the overall integrity of the asset;
  • Get in control and prove 100% compliance.

Implementation in your EAM system

MaxGrip also helps you to transform data into adequate information. That way, together we can develop a risk mitigating maintenance strategy for your assets and implement it in your EAM system.

This will lead to:

  • Extended asset lifetimes;
  • A significant decrease in overall maintenance costs (OPEX and CAPEX);
  • More effective spare parts management;
  • More predictable downtimes due to planned maintenance interventions;
  • A higher overall asset availability and reliability, leading to extra value;
  • Minimizing the frequency of overhauls.

Foreseeing the unforeseen

Knowing what type of maintenance to perform, when and why will lead to a better approach to asset management. We help you to reduce associated risks and overall costs. We enable you to stay compliant. To foresee the unforeseen.

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