Webinar On-Demand

How To Use Reliability Centered Maintenance
(RCM) To Drive Your Bottom Line

Webinar On-Demand

Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) is a maintenance methodology focusing on maximizing reliability efficiency while reducing maintenance cost and total cost of ownership.

By incorporating multiple maintenance strategies and focusing on critical assets over non-essential equipment, RCM minimizes life-cycle costs while maintaining production output.

Join us in this on-demand webinar to learn about RCM, how it can streamline your maintenance operations, and why it’s a powerful strategy to lower maintenance and reliability costs.

Join Us and Learn:

We’ll briefly explain the nuts and bolts of reliability centered maintenance and how organizations use it as a maintenance methodology.

We’ll discuss how to align RCM with your company strategy by defining risk based on failure modes that pose threats to your business.

We’ll explore the benefits of RCM and how through it’s flexible maintenance strategies and focus on criticality, it creates efficiencies that reduce organization’s maintenance costs.

Finally, we’ll look at real world examples of organizations implementing RCM strategies and the positive results they’ve experienced.

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Katherine Sanchez - MaxGrip

Katherine Sanchez

Maintenance & Reliability Consultant

Katherine Sanchez is a maintenance and reliability professional with over nine years in engineering, asset reliability and continuous improvement.

Previously she worked for Schlumberger as Reliability Manager and Field Service Quality Engineer. During her tenure Mrs. Sanchez has developed business continuity plans for operational, maintenance and management teams; identifying previously unexplored gaps and mitigating associated risks. She has established and implemented Asset Care Programs for multiple industries with a focus Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) and Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM).

Currently Katherine works as a Reliability Consultant for MaxGrip assisting companies in CMMS optimization and RCM facilitation.