IT and OT managers are bombarded with multiple solutions offered by existing and new players in the domain of Asset Performance Management. Traditional EAM / CMMS suppliers extend their offerings to APM and connect assets through OT, introducing for example predictive analytics and asset health monitoring. In addition, traditional and new vendors both offer mobile solutions either as an extension of their own system or by connecting to others to manage operating rounds, Permit to Work, AR and VR solutions, etc. Traditional vendors of OT systems like DCS, Historians, SCADA, MES etc. now also offer similar solutions around predictive analytics and Asset Health Insight, but also Digital Twins and Cloud based platforms to create data lakes and many more.

MaxGrip understands IT and OT solutions and systems. We have actively helped with the introduction of such solutions and used to have our own APM software. We have sold our software to be able to operate fully agnostically as an APM consultancy firm. The often-phrased term “Digital Transformation” does fit into our offerings, but we dare to say that it takes a Company Transformation, not just a Digital Transformation, to reap the benefits of so-called Industry 4.0 / IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions.

How We Help

Leverage systems to get the most out of the assets

MaxGrip is aware and involved in the deployment of recent market offerings and can assist you in many ways. Please do not hesitate to contact us and challenge us to resolve your challenges and creating and implementing a roadmap for your Transformation. We do not leave until the job is done.

  • Identify current gaps in the usage and availability of the right systems to manage and optimize Asset Performance

  • Select and deploy new or additional EAM/APM solutions

  • Implement asset master data standards or fix the gaps if and where such standards exist but are not applied adequately

  • Set up or improve relevant KPI’s, dashboards and reports to create actionable insights for internal customers

  • Asset Improvement Program: stepped asset management program from business case and roadmap to implementation with lasting results

Meet the organizations already boosting their performance with MaxGrip

Oil Gas asset management


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Offshore platform


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Asset improvement mapping pharma

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Solutions for every asset management challenge

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Boost your bottom line with optimized asset performance management.

Improve Asset Reliability

Identify improvement opportunities and maximize the reliability and availability of your assets.

Boost Asset Performance

Follow a stepped approach to get results and improve performance.

Demonstrate Compliance

Prove regulatory compliance and safe practices.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Connect your business with Industry 4.0 solutions to secure future asset performance.

Extend Asset Lifetime

Get the most out of assets to perform as long and cost-effective as possible.

Attune APM Data and Systems

Select the right software and get your organization to work with the systems to get better results.

Other APM challenges

Is your challenge not mentioned? Get in touch with an expert and we will find a solution together.

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