With rapidly changing market conditions and many aging assets, significant efforts are made to extend Asset Lifetime (ALE). Access to cheaper and better technology, providing reliable Asset Health Insight and better remaining lifetime assessments have boosted this dimension of Asset Performance Management. Choosing a justified, profitable strategy necessitates running several scenarios that go beyond technical feasibility and also account for factors such as changing market conditions, business outlook, energy consumption and changes in regulatory requirements.

Lifetime Extension also introduces Cease of Production (CoP) scenarios. Assets should not be over-maintained until the last minute, but should still maintain integrity. Designing and implementing associated optimum strategies is a crucial factor to maintain margins.

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Extend Asset Lifetime with Asset health insights, control and results

It starts, as always, with getting the right insights in your current assets’ condition and contextualize these asset health insights to get the best situation overview. Contextualization means that the asset’s health needs to be viewed in the light of the project and business targets. If the asset is expected to fail at a certain moment, would that be detrimental to safe and continued operations? MaxGrip is an expert in this kind of Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance to single in on the data and insights that really matter.

Combining asset health with OT data brings valuable insights which help decision makers in choosing the best course of action with confidence. The resulting business case that MaxGrip offers will balance cost, risk and performance to maximize value. The business case will be accompanied by an actionable roadmap that gives direction through a transparent, stepped approach. MaxGrippers are practice leaders so we also know well how to implement improvements to maximize the effectiveness of an asset.

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