Strategic Asset Management (SAM) helps to address business challenges and obtain optimum performance of your assets. It includes anticipating changing market demand, regulations and increasing focus on sustainability; taking into account the major shift in how to run your business given the recent global COVID 19 pandemic. So, Strategic Asset Management goes well beyond just maintenance or other technical disciplines. It involves and requires alignment, joint efforts and shared objectives across the organization. Applying our experience and pragmatic way of working, MaxGrip will work with you to bring your organization into shape today and fit for the future.

How We Help

From strategic framework to  measured results

  • Setting up and deploying or reinforcing your Strategic Asset Management Framework across the organization to improve your bottom line – this includes balancing CAPEX and OPEX

  • Enabling you to steer your organization based on hard facts and figures

  • Setting and sharing objectives – connecting people and departments in your organization, with the right roles and responsibilities, committed to results

  • Helping you with the Digital Transformation – riding the wave and making best use of Industry 4.0 solutions

  • Implementing and using the right systems to manage asset performance and provide you with the insights, confidence and control over your asset performance. Today and tomorrow. To meet expectations of your shareholders, clients, regulators and other stakeholders

  • Roll out SAM across multiple sites in an effective, consistent and rapid manner (standardization)

  • Reducing overall Life Cycle Cost – drive down energy consumption (part of the energy transition challenge), reducing waste

  • Extending asset lifetime; improving your asset capitalization

Digitalization as a success factor

Digital Transformation is a frequently discussed topic in the board room. Regarding asset management, MaxGrip strongly believes that digitalization is not a stand-alone matter but is instead connected to your asset management strategy and overall asset maturity growth. Therefore, when discussing your Industry 4.0 ambitions, we will always look at the bigger picture and align digitalization to the overall business goals and asset management strategy. As practice leaders we know how to get your asset organization from strategy to actual deployment and to lasting performance improvements.

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Internal inconsistencies in asset management strategies and execution are detrimental to realizing results. Across sites, all disciplines and departments need to work with a shared strategy, KPI’s and targets. Maintenance and Operations processes need to align and IT and OT data have to be connected for all teams to share insights, show progress in shared dashboards, support robust decision-making and maximize performance company-wide. A standardized way of working will enable internal benchmarking and organizational learning and knowledge transfer. Those are also key factors in stimulating internal adoption across all layers of the organization.

Energy transition

An important challenge for all companies worldwide is the energy transition; lowering greenhouse-gas emission is not only required from an environmental and legislative point of view it can also boost commercial results. Asset management and maintenance can contribute by eliminating repeat failure, minimizing shutdowns and incidents. Extending asset lifetime can help to avoid or lessen asset investments. Improving efficiency through applying Industry 4.0 solutions is a real future-forward option as fully utilizing data and digital technology offers a less capital-intensive way to improve operational performance and reduce waste.

Power genertion - renewable

Solutions for every asset management challenge

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Boost your bottom line with optimized asset performance management.

Improve Asset Reliability

Identify improvement opportunities and maximize the reliability and availability of your assets.

Boost Asset Performance

Follow a stepped approach to get results and improve performance.

Demonstrate Compliance

Prove regulatory compliance and safe practices.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Connect your business with Industry 4.0 solutions to secure future asset performance.

Extend Asset Lifetime

Get the most out of assets to perform as long and cost-effective as possible.

Attune APM Data and Systems

Select the right software and get your organization to work with the systems to get better results.

Other APM challenges

Is your challenge not mentioned? Get in touch with an expert and we will find a solution together.

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