The continuous improvement manager is the key within a company to drive change and realize lasting improvements. Dealing and working with many stakeholders and using technology as a means and not as a purpose. In the area of Asset Performance Management, expectations are high on what Industry 4.0 solutions can bring. Digital twins, predictive analytics, mobile solutions and artificial and virtual reality (AR/VR) are all singled out as solutions to accelerate Digital Transformation. Another factor for success is internal adoption. Continuous Improvement and Innovation Managers know and understand that the commitment of people to making the change is key to demonstrate added value and to realize lasting improvements. This is where MaxGrip can help in working with you to ‘get it done’ as we call it. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss options.

How We Help

Long-term improvements

  • Apply our Asset Improvement Program: phased program, creating a validated business case and pragmatic roadmap to successful implementation and adoption with lasting and demonstrated, quantified results

  • Extensive experience in creating and translating strategies and applying practice leadership, setting up and deploying blueprints – we get it done

  • Swift internal adoption: proven success in change management and stakeholder management

  • Guide and give practical support in the adoption and implementation of (new) APM/EAM (Industry 4.0) solutions – we get your organization to work with the solutions, beyond getting the solutions to work

  • Powerful partnerships: we collaborate with software suppliers, process automation experts, mobility solution providers to maintain our expertise, but we operate agnostically and do not promote or resell any software application.

CXO partnership

Get internal buy-in

An innovation manager is used to working with business cases and roadmaps to anchor improvements, measure and justify success. From selecting 4.0 technology and specifying functional requirements to the configuration of systems and tools to the deployment of multi-site global improvement programs. These managers will recognize that people are an essential factor for success when changing or improving the processes, systems and tools. Therefore, stakeholder management and internal adoption of improvements are high on the agenda for the improvement manager.

Solutions for every asset management challenge

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Boost your bottom line with optimized asset performance management.

Improve Asset Reliability

Identify improvement opportunities and maximize the reliability and availability of your assets.

Boost Asset Performance

Follow a stepped approach to get results and improve performance.

Demonstrate Compliance

Prove regulatory compliance and safe practices.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Connect your business with Industry 4.0 solutions to secure future asset performance.

Extend Asset Lifetime

Get the most out of assets to perform as long and cost-effective as possible.

Attune APM Data and Systems

Select the right software and get your organization to work with the systems to get better results.

Other APM challenges

Is your challenge not mentioned? Get in touch with an expert and we will find a solution together.

Get inspired

Performance asset management

Whitepaper by MaxGrip experts who share their best practices to optimize asset performance.

Maintenance budget OEE

We explain why it is not the right strategy to cut maintenance cost if you want a sustainable strategy with lasting results for your OEE.

benchmarking webinar

NVDO Webinar about building a business case for asset performance improvements through a.o. benchmarking (presented in Dutch).