Asset managers, maintenance managers, reliability leaders and production leaders all believe that their asset performance can be improved. Not because of senior management imperatives; They know that their plants face unscheduled and unexpected downtime with costly repercussions and which is detrimental to the efficiency of their organization. The root cause can be a convergence of multiple, interdependent factors, a lack of an integral overview and departments operating in silos.

The need to bridge the gaps between departments, setting priorities, creating insights and working on shared objectives have all led to the development of  MaxGrip’s Asset Improvement Program. A proven, future-forward approach that helps asset-intensive organizations to boost their Asset Performance and realize business objectives.

How We Help

Step 1: Asset Improvement Mapping

We start the Asset Improvement Program with an APM assessment of your current situation and ambitions. With our minimally intrusive work method, we set priorities and conditions for success and provide you with a business case with substantiated KPIs and Return on Investment. We AIM to provide you with a realistic roadmap, which plots your path from your current maturity level to lasting improvements.

Step 2: Asset Improvement Deployment

This is the start of tangible change: we will deploy the suggested AIM roadmap on a small scope and realistic timeline in this stage. This can be a specific production line, the plant-wide quick wins, or an equipment group; we will define this together. MaxGrip will set up shared dashboards that measures results based on the defined KPIs and offers you the best way to make informed decisions. This step proves success of our Asset Improvement Program methodology which is a vital element in gaining and maintaining stakeholder buy-in.

Step 3: Asset Improvement Rollout

As we have wide experience with blueprinting and standardized multi-site and global asset management deployment programs, we encourage you to scale up the Asset Improvement Program to any desired level. In the Asset Improvement Rollout stage we will define that wider scope, whether it is for an entire plant, multi-site or global. With all of our work we take people, processes and systems into account. In the case of a Rollout, we focus on people and internal adoption. To help with a successful adoption of the new way of working, we can also provide project management, temporary staffing and coaching.

What our clients say

“I was looking for an adaptable asset management program that would lift maintenance globally to the next level while respecting a production site’s autonomy. It had to encourage a change in mindset and way of working without the rigidity of a fully standardized corporate program. And it had to bring tangible, quantified and hard bottom-line improvements.

To me, the most important condition for success of this project, next to the actual savings, is the cultural change. It is not only about being able to bring people to a next level of knowledge and expertise.
The internal adoption and understanding of the reasons why the improvement program is being offered is a key success factor.
It is very exciting that we have been able to achieve this in our initial projects. It now can and will be used to entice other site managers to apply this improvement program for their locations.”

Martijn Hadders
Global Head of Maintenance, Henkel Adhesives

maintenance asset improvement program

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Benefits of the Asset Improvement Program

Changing asset management impacts your organization extensively. The assets, data, systems and tools, and of course your workforce need to transform which affects multiple disciplines including Maintenance, Operations, IT and Management. Another important factor that influences this change is Digital Transformation. To improve asset performance digitalization is the central thread woven into maturity growth.

Our program allows asset managers, plant directors and continuous improvement managers to get and keep control over their asset management improvement journey. We team up to gradually take steps, prove success with measurable results while engaging all relevant stakeholders along the way. The Asset Improvement Program has a stepped method that is known to secure internal support and drive lasting results.

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