The market of APM software solutions is in flux. The traditional CMMS/ EAM systems are upgraded and extended with Asset Health Insights and many new EAM and APM systems and solutions are released. These are from known players but also new ones, such as the ‘ot companies’ who widen their portfolio with APM (4.0) solutions. Mobile solutions also flood the market, many from new players. Additionally, another important APM 4.0 aspect, Digital Twins, are offered by major players. For all of these solutions data is pivotal; They not only need access to the right (and often more) data but they also create data themselves adding to a growing pool of data and information.

Changing how your company manages asset performance is inevitable. MaxGrip can help beyond getting the right software to work for you; We get your organization to work with the software to realize better Asset Performance.

How We Help

Get in the driver’s seat

We know from experience that the selection, implementation and adoption of new solutions goes well beyond just proving what a software solution can do in a pilot or Proof of Concept (PoC) phase. The crux lies in the end result through improved performance, designing, training and executing the new way of working, resolving gaps in your data and improving data quality and reliability. Data needs to be turned into meaningful insights for your company. Insights which are, as we like to call it, actionable and turned into actions. Not only through systems but also through your people.

  • EAM/APM software selection
    Drawing up essential functional requirements using our expertise and experience

  • Data quality improvement
    Assessing current data quality and completeness and helping to fix the gaps. We can guide your people to get it done. We also offer hands-on, experienced staff to help you. Or a combination of both.

  • KPIs and reporting
    Setting up the right KPIs, reports and dashboards which bring you the insights and confidence that you are on the right road and heading in the right direction.

  • EAM/APM functional deployment
    what we call “connecting the dots and getting it done”. We prefer not to leave until your organization is making best use of the solution(s) and gained ownership.

  • Blueprinting
    Designing and implementing so-called blueprints of the (new) organization way of working – always client- and situation specific.

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