Technology is essential to improve asset performance. Industry 4.0 solutions like Digital Twins, predictive analytics and mobile solutions all bring advances. Take the first steps on the Digital Transformation journey by understanding and selecting what will work for you.

Accelerating Digital Transformation is not just getting technology to work; Take your organization along right from the start because the success lies in getting your organization to work with the solutions. Start today and gain more control over your asset performance, now and in the future.

How We Help

The Asset Improvement Program

Many asset-intensive companies experience difficulties with getting Digital Transformation realized. We often see that initial plans are made and many pilots have started. However, getting real results and an actionable plan to scale up the pilot to an organization-wide adoption are as of yet uncommon. MaxGrip’s Asset Improvement Program will help. The foundation of the program is a thorough assessment of your current maturity level and desired future asset performance. With a realistic business case and a pragmatic roadmap we help transition your goals into reality. We help you to achieve your goals and make Digital Transformation a part of the journey.

MaxGrippers are experts in asset performance management change projects including project management, technology selection, setting up a renewed process design, configuring and deploying solutions while also managing organizational change. Our goal is to put you in the driver’s seat: get insights, keep control and future-proof your asset management.

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Connected Industry 4.0

In APM 4.0 the Asset, Worker and Business are connected.
These essentials interact with the core: the Digital Twin with connected data.

Connected Worker

Digitalizing the workflow and streamlining processes enables field workers to be more efficient. First-time right data management is optimized, while real-time insights allow for immediate actions if required.

Connected Asset

Assets generate a lot of data. All of this information needs to be collected and connected. For asset-intensive organizations this involves data migration and data cleansing, connecting IT and OT system data.

Connected Business

Advanced analytics translate data into insights. By using the Digital Twin that is filled with relevant data, smart algorithms, scenario modelling and machine learning enable informed decision-making.

Strong partnerships

As part of our way of working we leverage the expertise of our partners. They are leaders in Industry 4.0 solutions including EAM, APM and OT software, system integration and process automation, data modelling and business logic, predictive analytics and mobility. Their technology offers you the best chance to transform your organization befitting your situation, processes, people and your business objectives.

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benchmarking webinar

NVDO Webinar about building a business case for asset performance improvements through a.o. benchmarking (presented in Dutch).

Performance asset management

Whitepaper by MaxGrip experts who share their best practices to optimize asset performance.

APM business case

Webinar in partnership with UReason and Ultimo. The webinar focuses on technology, processes and organization to kickstart asset performance improvements.

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