MaxGrip Partner


SAP SE is a global provider of application and analytics software for enterprises in mobile enterprise management and enterprise cloud services and software. SAP EAM is a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. The MaxGrip APMSmartApps offer risk identification and risk mitigation solutions as well as extensive search options throughout SAP. Furthermore the APMSmartApps are built with smart algorithms to give insight in opportunities and recommend maintenance tasks. MaxGrip APMSmartApps simplify Asset Performance Management in SAP. Our Optimizer+ APM software suite is a stand-alone solution that has been integrated with the SAP platform at many of our customers. The Optimizer+ solution is a full suite of APM Solutions like, RCM, RCA, RBI, Inventory Management and Asset Libraries and is currently the APM solution that many of our customers rely on daily.