Long-term agreement

Together with MaxGrip, EPZ nuclear power plant optimizes Asset Management to remain in the top league of the world’s safest nuclear power plants

Utrecht – N.V. Elektriciteits Produktiemaatschappij Zuid-Nederland (EPZ), the largest producer of electrical power in the province of Zeeland and the only commercially operated nuclear power station in the Netherlands, has concluded a long-term agreement with Asset Performance Management specialists MaxGrip for the development and implementation of the Asset Management Optimization Program. The reason for this is the extension of the operational period of the power plant to 2034. The joint program will demonstrate the continued close monitoring and management of the condition of the installation and its performance – including a well-balanced assessment of risks – safeguarding the safety, reliability and availability of nuclear power. 

The order is related to the Long Term Operation program, in the context of which EPZ have reviewed their current maintenance structure. The Long Term Operation (LTO) concept is the current term that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) applies to denote the long-term management of nuclear power plants.

Further optimizing of the Asset Management Program

Following an extensive market exploration, EPZ have opted for MaxGrip to develop and implement the project, so that they will be able to consistently meet the conditions imposed by the IAEA and other supervisory and regulatory institutions. The solutions implemented by MaxGrip will give EPZ the possibility for ongoing improvement of their assets, with the objective of ensuring a reliable and available installation whereby safety is key. In this way, EPZ is confident of retaining their position in the top 25% of the world’s safest nuclear power plants, an achievement of which they are justly proud. Says Bertil van Boven, EPZ project leader: ‘A crucial objective is the securing of the required safety through to 2034 using an effective and optimal maintenance plan with an unremitting focus on continuous improvement’.

Marcel Morsing, co-founder of MaxGrip and responsible for the Infrastructure and Utility sector: ‘As we have already said, safety is key to all decisions made by EPZ, and they have been producing power in a safe, sustainable and reliable manner for more than forty years. To secure this well into the future, MaxGrip are committed to close cooperation and the building of support on the part of the stakeholders involved when formulating the approach chosen by EPZ. Our approach has proven itself in various industries’. MaxGrip are confident that they will be able to support EPZ with insights that will enable the nuclear power plant to generate and supply energy to Dutch households in a safe, reliable and optimal manner for the next 17 years (through to 2034).

About EPZ
EPZ have been producing electrical power safely and reliably for more than forty years. The plant employs close to 500 people and have a production capacity of 600 Megawatts using wind turbines and the only nuclear power plant in the Netherlands. Production is entirely climate-neutral, and more than 1 million households are served by EPZ, the largest provider of electrical power in the province of Zeeland. It is essential that operations remain safe, clean and sustainable, as well as affordable, and EPZ fulfil an important role in realizing these objectives thanks to their CO2-free, affordable nuclear energy and wind turbines. Safety is key to all operations, decisions and considerations, and the ongoing improvement of performances and installations is fundamental to the work of all EPZ employees.

About MaxGrip
MaxGrip plays a leading role in the field of Asset Performance Management, offering both consultancy services and software to organizations for whom assets are key. They deal with challenges in the fields of safety, reliability and efficiency, ensuring that businesses retain full control of their assets. MaxGrip was founded in the Netherlands in 1997, and has offices in the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States as well as an extensive international partner network. With customers in a wide range of industries such as Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure & Utilities, it is MaxGrip’s mission to make the world a safer place