Stay Ahead of the Game in Oil & Gas

In today’s business environment and market conditions, the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry is facing multiple challenges. Safety remains paramount in all exploration and production activities, but improving asset reliability is just as crucial to create a competitive advantage. To stay ahead of the game.

Innovative trends and technologies

At MaxGrip, we recognize the challenges you face. We know that increasing uptime while complying with all safety standards and regulations is key, but you want to keep your operational costs low. Rigs, platforms, pipelines, terminals and refineries are costly to build, operate and maintain. Keeping tight control over the total life-cycle cost of all this equipment is a major concern. Skilled human resources are growing scarce as up to 50 percent of the industry specialists will retire in the next decade. Government regulations are being tightened up everywhere. However, these challenges come at the same time as some very interesting opportunities for the industry. New, innovative trends and technologies emerge. Smart solutions for capturing and sharing knowledge, intuitive workflows, predictive modeling and integration of core processes, systems and data are here to stay.


Reducing risks and costs

MaxGrip is the front runner when it comes to practice leadership in Asset Performance Management. We have extensive knowledge of your business and help you to stay ahead of the game. We believe that an effective asset performance optimization strategy enables you to enhance your reliability and maintenance engineering processes. We give you the right tools to balance cost and risk in the most responsible manner. We help you to gather and analyze data quickly and effectively, creating real-time and full time asset awareness while reducing risks and costs. Ultimately, to make the right decisions and to improve your operation on the long run. No matter what your challenge is, we get it done.

Mark Mulder - MaxGrip

Mark Mulder

VP Oil & Gas

"At MaxGrip, we understand your business - whether's the up-, mid- or downstream market. With our smart solutions, we make sure you realize your business drivers. Moreover, we do it fast and on budget. I personally vouch for that."

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