Strategic approach to APM

Effective Asset Performance Management is crucial in the Food & Beverage and FMCG industries. No competitive company can afford to hold on to tradition when it comes to the availability, reliability and safety of production assets. You need to have real-time insight into your critical assets and work management to ensure your agility. That’s why companies with a strategic approach to Asset Performance Management are among the market leaders in the industry.

Fast results

At MaxGrip, we understand that you are facing great challenges in the market of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Challenges, that often include maximizing reliability, complying with the highest quality and safety standards and keeping a tight grip on production costs. We also realize that in order to retain customer loyalty you need to deliver what consumers want. Maintenance plays an important role in enabling sustainable performance to realize the required availability, reliability and therewith the desired output and revenue.

Reaching your business objectives

We help you to meet these challenges. We offer Asset Performance solutions that cover the whole range of Asset Performance Management from strategy (blue printing, benchmarking and framework design) to failure analysis, life cycle costing, spare part management and risk based maintenance. Through our successful Asset Improvement Program, you can realize long-term targets. We apply a staged approach that starts with an audit, an Asset Improvement Mapping, of your state of (APM) business. This will be concluded with a bespoke business case and roadmap to realize your specific goals and overcome your challenges while taking your maintenance maturity into consideration. The following stage realizes first improvements quickly by take one pre-defined step on a smaller scope, e.g. quick fixes plant-wide or one production line. This makes risks of this step in the Asset Improvement Program minimal while proving success through results swiftly. The final stage of the program will take the roadmap further and impement improvements plant-wide or across multiple locations.

VP Marketing & Sales - MaxGrip

Ronald de Kok

VP Marketing & Sales

"At MaxGrip it's our job to find smart answers to diverse maintenance and asset performance challenges. Whatever the challenge or obstacle, we always aim for the best outcome and measure and prove results. Our solutions work, and we won't stop until they do."

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