From Insight to Impact

Leverage the full potential of Maximo Asset Health Insights

Maximo Asset Health Insights uses IoT technology in capital-intensive asset management to deliver asset health insights. This powerful add-on to IBM Maximo provides asset health monitoring and reporting.
Many organizations struggle to connect the last dots in the alignment between asset health data, business objectives and maintenance strategies.

MaxGrip’s Asset Performance Implementation solution of Maximo Asset Health Insights will make sure you can reap the benefits of all that data. We combine asset health data with Asset Performance risk analysis and compliance critical success factors. This will create focus for the most critical assets with the right actions at the right time.


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You will get:

A dynamic, IBM Maximo integrated, multi-source information platform.

Asset health insights in perspective of production and other business objectives like safety or compliance.

One platform that connects departments with shared insights.

Operations and Maintenance are continuously improved by closing the full loop of process optimization

Maximo Asset Health Insights

  • Assess health
  • Sensor & Inspection data
  • Maintenance history
  • Remaining life, cost information, weather, etc.


  • Risk Analysis, Asset Criticality
  • Bad actor analysis
  • Mitigation plans
  • Compliance reporting
  • Best practices and Asset Models

IBM Maximo

  • Plan work
  • Assign unplanned work
  • Monitor, close and report
  • System of record for asset details

MaxGrip’s Asset Performance Implementation of IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights creates clear value for:


  • Reliable production
  • No unscheduled downtime
  • Maximum Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


  • Insight in asset condition
  • Transferring from predictive to prescriptive maintenance
  • Optimization of maintenance efforts (the right work at the right time)
  • Maximize reliability and increase availability

Innovation / Continuous improvement

  • Technology development endorsement and embedded
  • Clear ROI and costs


  • Integrated IT solution
  • No new expensive interfaces
  • Easy connectivity
  • Standardization of work processes and data structure