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MaxGrip Turnkey Solutions for Risk Analysis

Maintenance and Inspection managers in the Oil & Gas industry, whether responsible for greenfield projects or brownfield installations, have to manage huge volumes of information. They need real insight into the failure behavior of their assets, and into required risk mitigation measures to avoid any unwanted events. But standalone solutions often remain a paper exercise, failing to materialise into concrete solutions to asset management problems.
MaxGrip aims to address these needs and challenges with a solution for risk analysis that incorporates Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), and Predictive Modeling. Supported in two MaxGrip software programs (Optimizer+ & StrEAM+), this combination delivers accurate asset maintenance and inspection plans, and guarantees that the assets are being maintained as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible.

Our risk analysis solution provides:

  • A turnkey solution that assures all assets are maintained and inspected in a compliant, efficient and effective way;
  • Risk analysis results embedded in your maintenance management system by our skilled consultants, who can share the methods for doing this with your engineers;
  • Enhanced reliability and maintenance engineering processes, thanks to strEAM+, which integrates all valuable data into your system and makes them available wherever they’re needed in your organization.

A solid foundation for a global asset management framework

With the help of MaxGrip and strEAM+, a large LNG import terminal in the Netherlands gained full control over reliability and safety compliance. All data were immediately operationalised in Maximo. MaxGrip also provided project management and staff training sessions. strEAM+ enabled systematically verifiable safety compliance and risk-based maintenance, helping the import terminal to achieve business and performance goals.

MaxGrip also helped a major European Oil and Gas producer that was expanding its global asset base and activities. In two pilot projects, which included intensive knowledge exchange sessions, MaxGrip laid the foundations for a global asset management framework, which included a standardized approach to asset management and risk mitigation.

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