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MaxGrip Real-time Compliance Management Program

With growing regulatory pressure and public demands for safe operations, being able to demonstrate that your assets are safe has become an imperative for Oil and Gas companies. However, this is a significant challenge for companies that lack real-time insight into their systems, processes and data.

MaxGrip’s Real-time Compliance Management Program allows asset managers, asset owners, and safety and integrity managers insight into the current status of safety, health and environmental barriers to prove 100 percent compliance – at all times.

This software-supported solution gives you:

  • A comprehensive EAM-integrated dashboard that provides real-time insight into Integrity Management status by connecting all relevant data;
  • Visual representation of how your assets relate to all applicable legislation regulations, and of critical regulated assets in daily work order planning;
  • Up-to-date status of compliance or safety-critical work orders;
  • Integrated deviation process to ensure completion of work orders;
  • A comprehensive process for initiating, validating and approving changes in the work on critical assets;
  • Help with managing non-conformances.

MaxGrip provides a comprehensive approach to safety compliance

MaxGrip’s Real-time Compliance Management Program is a comprehensive approach to safety compliance. A combination of services and innovative software, the program is the most effective and cost-efficient way to identify risks, assure technical integrity, and embed maintenance work processes in your EAM system. This program enables a maintenance execution process that will increase safety. Every day.

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