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MaxGrip Rapid EAM Deploy & Design Services

When speed is of the essence in expansion or greenfield projects, MaxGrip can provide rapid EAM deployment for Oil and Gas companies by simultaneously developing asset hierarchy and creating the ideal maintenance plans for new assets using our ISO14224 compliant maintenance models.

Based on an in-depth understanding of your business objectives, key performance indicators and current work processes, we provide:

  • A comprehensive blueprint for optimal, day-to-day use of your EAM system;
  • A set of clear agreements to facilitate a greater level of data integrity and regulatory compliance;
  • A collaborative approach that ensures maximum user adoption;
  • A business-oriented implementation of the EAM system design;
  • A clear line of sight – from top to bottom – into every level and aspect of asset performance – from availability and reliability, to costs and risks.

Designed for optimal control over asset performance and costs.

Reliability Centerd Maintenance studies can take years to complete, eating up your engineers’ time and diverting attention from their core mission. While lengthy consultancy engagements keep the costs piling up, the ultimate objective of swiftly realizing extra production capacity can seem further away than ever.

MaxGrip’s EAM design and deployment services help Oil and Gas operations managers quickly implement an EAM system that will enable optimal control over asset performance and costs. From our Kuala Lumpur engineering office, making full use of Optimizer+ functionality, we recently executed criticality analyzes and developed sustainable maintenance plans for new installations in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Algeria.

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