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MaxGrip Spare Part Management

What if you had a tool that could reduce factory downtime, cut purchasing costs, enhance safety and workflow, and significantly reduce your Maintenance Repair and Operational stock capital – by up to 37 per cent? MaxGrip Spare Part Management delivers all these benefits, and more.

MaxGrip Spare Part Management is a software and services solution that answers a key challenge faced everyday by Food and Beverage maintenance managers, purchasers and CFOs: how to optimize spare parts stock levels while minimizing the costs of maintaining inventory.

MaxGrip Spare Part Management addresses this challenge by:

  • Creating insight into critical spare part levels to balance asset performance and costs. This allows for more strategic purchasing, including joint purchasing to achieve savings;
  • Optimizing technical workflow in your warehouse for maximum productivity and less downtime;
  • Standardizing terminology by cleansing spare parts data. With uniform terminology, organizations can ensure the right materials are always in use, leading to improved safety and quality control.


An integral part of Reliability-Centerd Maintenance

It’s not surprising that global Food and Beverage manufacturers have integrated MaxGrip Spare Part Management into their Enterprise Asset Management systems. Unlike other market solutions, MaxGrip Spare Part Management provides direct insight into lifecycle costing and needed resources, and ensures investment decisions are based on accurate and comprehensive data. MaxGrip Spare Part Management can, as part of a reliability-centerd maintenance program, help Food and Beverage operations achieve productivity improvements of 3% and spare part cost reductions of 30%.

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